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City Select / Garmin 60cs Questions

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Just got my Garmin 60CS from Santa, and I have a couple questions about the City Select software. I've been using the MetroGuide software to upload maps, and that has been cool, but the autorouting of City Select sounds like a great feature.


First off, I'm a little confused about which version is the best to get for the 60CS. I thought I had read that v7 has larger selectable portions of the map, which I'm not crazy about. Are they huge chunks of maps, like whole states, or simply just a bit bigger than what I'm used to with MetroGuide? I'd really appreciate some guidance from other folks who have experience with the software.


Also, other than eBay, does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced copy of City Select (whichever version I need...) where I can use PayPal to pay? I was going to get v6 at Amazon, thinking they accepted PayPal, but I guess they don't...


I have something like $112 in my PayPal account, itching to be spent... :D

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I bought the City Select software, with the automotive beanbag mount and the cigarette lighter adapter for about $145.00.


I think some vendors on eBay, that accept PayPal, sell a combo like that . . . or did several months ago when I made my purchase.


It is a different map package from City Select that has the large map chunks.

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Garmin map terminology can be a bit confusing. City Select version 7 is what you want. It is City Navigator that comes in larger map chunks. If you order City Select from a vendor and they send you version 6, Garmin will update it to version 7 for free.


Next year, Garmin will discontinue City Select, so if you want newer maps, you have to go to City Navigator version 8 (probably due out in about June '06). Garmin promises that CN ver 8 will have smaller segments, thanks largely to feedback from users of this forum. But you don't have to update you maps every year unless you live in an area where lots of new roads that are important to you are being added all the time.


I got my software at GPSNow.com, but several vendors are reporting (prematurely) the City Select is no longer available. Shop around or on Ebay, but be sure the EBay copy is new. You can use the software on 2 GPS units, but if the prior owner used one (or both) of the unlock codes, you won't getting your money's worth.

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I just received City Select for my Garmin 60c. I orderd vs 6 on 12/29th from Amazon for $104.99 including shipping. I eas planning to upgrade to vs7 through Garmin after I received the disc. I received it yesterday 1/6 & was very pleased to see that Amazon automatically upgraded me & sent vs7 :D . Loaded it today & it works great. :D:D

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