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What Do You Carry For Id?

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Here in the uk we don't need to carry anything, we get 7 days from being stopped to produce all documents to a police station of our choice. We actually encouraged people to not carry them so that they didn't get stolen and then used fraudulantly.


my only suggestion would be to get a decent water proof bag adn then place the wallet in it inside a back pack. that way you should be ok unless you loose the back pack!!! how clumsey or forgetfull are you? :unsure:

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I don't have a DL and I don't often carry ID unless I am planning to go somewhere with an age limit (I get carded a lot :unsure: )

My dog has a tag in her pack with all my info on it, that's really the only form of ID I will usually have with me when geocaching. I've never been asked to present proof of identity except again if I'm going somewhere with an age limit.


If I did carry ID geocaching it would most likely just be my state ID (or my expired one if I was worried about losing it) tucked into a zippered pocket. No wallet/purse=less bulk.

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I carry my wallet anytime I step off my own property. On my boat it is in a ziplock in the console. Life can get complicated in a large number of ways if you don't always carry a drivers license or other acceptable ID. There are more complications that arise from not carrying cash and a credit card. I know about a number of these complications because my 3 sons each had to learn the hard way that going ANYWHERE without wallet and ID will cause problems.

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As a Deputy in MI I can tell you that, in the state of MI, it is a misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle on a public road without your license in your possession.


That being said, I rarely cite for it. If I can be reasonably sure that I have ID'd you by other means I'll let you go with a warning.


Having a photocopy of your ID is more likely to get my interest in digging further than no license at all. I mean, why carry a photocopy when you can carry the real thing?


Funny story though, I once had a guy with no license in his possession. He gave his name and when I ran him he had a warrant. He went to jail. At the jail we ran his prints. We then found out he had given me a fake name. But his real identity had warrants out too. So he stayed in jail and had additional charges against him.


It is also against the law, in MI, to falsely identity yourself when the driver of a vehicle either verbally or by fake/falsified ID.

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In NY you can produce a copy of your car's registration. That's a problem though in other states. I once got stopped in another state. The trooper didn't like it when I produced a copy of my registration.

That would be annoying to have to have the original with me.


My wife and I have two cars. She has the original registration paper for hers, and I for mine. When we drive each other's cars it'd be annoying to need the original registration chit for the car.


And, there's no way I'd just keep it in the glove box.

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