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New Attributes?


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I didn't search (I know, your all tired of hearing that.) So if this has come up before, sorry. ;)


Are there plans for any more attributes? With the new display wanting attributes for caches that have none, I was wondering if there were plans to make new ones so more caches could be described with them. (And I know the PM's can search based on this too.)


I can't think of many ones I'd like, but maybe "Park n' Grab" "Travel Bug's Welcome" "500 feet from parking" and so forth might be a few good ones.

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I said something about it a long time ago, but a lot of caches will fit their size, like small or Regular, but being an odd shape or having a small opening makes it impossible to fit TB's into, an attribute would make it easier to find a cache for a normal size TB, and for finding TB hotels. Also having the option to cross it off would do the opposite, telling you that most TB's wouldn't fit.


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ive recently posted a thread to try and get an new attribute to help cachers with kids and pushchairs -


please add your comments to the following link -




i do believe that there should be more attributes - they seem to get used, and offer good guidance, so why not more of them?


lets see some more please!

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(Not directed at any one post above)


When giving attributes to a cache it should be telling the cachers something out of the ordinary about the cache. Someone a while ago suggested one for mosquitos. To me, that's like suggesting that an attribute that a cache is surrounded by breathable air.


So if you're suggesting an attribute, just remember - is it something that people either need to know, or something that is out of the ordinary.


Here's the reason I stated the above: A while ago, someone asked for a few attributes like "canopy tree cover" or "mosquitoes". I responded that we can't have an attribute about everything that might be of interest. Attributes need to be narrow enough to be meaningful, but broad enough to encompass many cachers and many caches. At the time, my sarcastic response was that we wouldn't need attributes for the following:


b5827a19-2ae0-4b53-803a-e196f193b49f.jpg Cache can be found while barefoot

9784edb2-248a-4914-ad5a-3498240a2fdb.jpg Cache placed by a Newbie

2e3835bb-2803-49c6-b766-12365e003375.jpg Tree roots nearby - watch your step

cdbad266-1653-454f-8741-8d0cb988c52f.jpg Cache is located within 2 miles of an arcade with a working Pac Man


The point being that these attributes are so broad that many, many, many caches would have them, so filtering means nothing.


The other thing to remember is that every cache can only have 10 attributes. What if my cache 1) allows Dogs, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Quads, Off-road vehicles, Snowmobiles, Horses, Campfire, is Recommended for kids, and Takes less than an hour, also has a Scenic view, is Available during winter, and has Parking available. As it is now, you have to choose the most important 10 attributes. Adding more would make those decisions difficult.


Just adding some thoughts...

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What about adding a "lost place" attribute? It could go into the hazard category, similar to "abandoned mine" but being more general.


Lost places typically are somewhat dangerous places due to their nature of being decaying unmaintained structures. Hence, it would make sense to have the attribute (similar to abandoned mine) to raise awareness of the specific dangers. And, of course, as a great search attribute for the bazillion geocaching lost places fans... <_<


Best regards,


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