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Geocaching Dreams


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I looked for the old dream thread but couldn't find it. Perhaps a new thread on current Geo dreams is in order. Don't know why but I seem to dream about Geocaching a lot and wanted to share. Any one else caching in their sleep lately?


My latest dream had me and Mrs n0wae on the terrace of a skyscraper in a big city. It was a tad windy and we noticed several other people with Gpsrs in hand. I noticed a particular cacher that was apparently new at the sport and having trouble. She was a nice old lady in her 80's with a brand new GPS. I introduced myself and showed her how to work the different screens so she could find the 1st step of this multi.


I then found myself in a car body shop (presumably looking for step #2) and noticed that same old lady talking to one of the shop personal. She was carrying a plastic shopping bag. I turned around and was watching some one welding on a car frame (didn't hurt my eyes in the dream). When I looked back the old lady was gone but had left her bag on the floor. I went over and opened the bag and sure enough her GPS was inside. (That poor lady!) I made my way out of the shop through a doorway that the welding cables ran through about chest high. There was a two inch section of bear wire that I made a mental note to ovoid as I squeezed by.


Now the dream gets wild... I was wearing an anti-gravity belt like the fat man in the movie Dune wore. I've had a few flying dreams years ago but this was the best and most vivid of them all! I was having so much fun with controlled flight in a semi dessert setting flying above a scampering rabbit. I landed by a rock that had some type of wildcat sitting on top and the animal had no fear of me. I was able to pet it and enjoy the moment.


I next found myself at a large outdoor zoo still wearing my flying belt. There was Mrs n0wae needing help... she had just found the cache but couldn't reach it. The cache was a plastic tool box that was hung on a branch of a display tree. I used the flying belt to ease my way up to the branch and retrieved the cache that I gave to Mrs n0wae. Several nearby zoo visitors thought I was one of the Zoo workers and one woman came over and asked for help...she had dropped her paper notebook in a display and a small rodent was chewing up her notebook. I recovered her note book but when I handed it back to the lady it was just a hand full of shredded paper. (oh well, I tried)


Next I woke up. (Darn!) I asked Mrs n0wae if she signed the logbook and she said "What???" Oh well, doesn't matter if we get credit. It's the memories and the hunt that matters even in dreams. (Boy that Peter Vella is good stuff!)

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Yeah, last night! After several months and a respectable amount of finds, I got my GPS and placed my very first cache! I went to sleep and dreamed that the place I put my cache was *WAY* overexposed and that my cache was just sitting there for anyone to see. It was so real that I had to go check it the next morning, just to be sure it was ok. ;);) Arrgghh...


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