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Cachehunters42 2006 Bear Coin On Sale Now!

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Sales are on hold due to paypal issues. The $7.50 shipping is for International orders only, if you paid that for US orders, I will refund it.


I will sort through the list of requests and completed transactions tonight and will repost when the sales will re-open as well as a list of who is confirmed.


Sorry for this mess.


Thanks for your patience.

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Sales are on hold due to paypal issues. The $7.50 shipping is for International orders only, if you paid that for US orders, I will refund it.


Cool! I deleted my rant above. :laughing:


I don't understand that because I didn't get charged for shipping.


Somehow, I ended up with 1 reg and 1 international coin in my cart. Even though I deleted the international coin from the cart, it must have been flagged as an international order anyway and charged the shipping. I'm just guessing at this point. :unsure:



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I'd be interested in trading someone my coin for one of these....

I ended up with two extras as I was trying to offset the shipping that, it turns out, I wasn't even supposed to pay, lol. I already have your cool coin, but if you want to trade for one I'm sure we could come up with something. :laughing:



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Updaton sales!


Our Internet Provider's Servers has Crashed, so sales are suspended as of 3:15 EST.


I will be checking all e-mails and paypal payments tonight and will post an update of who has a confirmed order.


E-mail orders will be invoiced separately.


Refunds of shipping for all US orders will be refunded ASAP through paypal.


International orders that were not charged the International Shipping fee will be invoiced for the shipping.


Sorry for the computer issues I should have picked a better internet provider.


Thanks Again,



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Oh great. I have been trying on and off to order one of these coins. The web page just worked for me and I came over here to let people know and I see the message about sales being suspended. It looks like paypal sent the money. So what is the status of my order?


Sorry about that.


Terrible Ts

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I just wanted to order one coin. When I added international shipping, the costs for another coin were added, so I would have to pay $17,- for one coin!


Sorry, but that's definitely a rip off. I really like your coin and the design and I would have loved to purchase one but somewhere is a limit.



Balla & Silly

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