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Dnf? Dnf In Snow?


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Welcome to our obsession. :rolleyes:


For your first searches a location that isn't affected by the snow might be best.


But DNF is Did Not Find. If you search and don't find it, it's a DNF. Think of it as a battle scar for a search honestly done. Don't think of it as a failure.


(There have been many threads on this...and there will undoubtably be differing opinions below.)

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Caches hidden under snow can be frustrating but its still a Did Not Find. My wife and I had several of those a couple weeks ago. It happens, just like darkness, foliage and muggles. Its all part of the deal. At least we got out and tried, thats the fun part anyway. As far as labeling a cache as snow friendly or not snow friendly, as convenient as that may be, I dont think its practical.

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Sometimes the owner will write on the cache page that it will be more difficult in the snow, sometimes they don't.


Although caches are not supposed to buried because we don't want to disturb the area, it is okay to dig in the snow to find the cache.


If you look at the logs for the cache before you go you may be able to get some idea if you'll be able to find it in the snow. Look at logs for last winter and see what people wrote. If there were a lot of DNFs because of the snow then maybe wait until Spring.

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My opinion, as it is, is that ALL cahces are findable despite snow. Cavate to that is that it may take longer, more work, and a bit of creativity. I no longer look at the logs or the attributes for clues about the snow. I'll go out to the spot get to the cords and then begin looking around for where I think it might be (try to get in the mind of the hider) and start with the most obvious. Be prepared to log alot more DNF's with this tho.

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How do i know if there is a geocache that i shouldn't look for, or would not be able to find because of snow, etc. New to the game and have seen DNF snow in some logs. What exactly is a DNF

Some cache pages have a icon that looks like this: winter-yes.gif It tells you that the cache is easy to find in the snow. The icon is relatively new so older snow friendly caches may have it and even newer cache owners may not use it even though their cache is snow friendly. If you are a premium member you can run a pocket query and select only caches with that icon.


The best way to tell if its findable in the snow is to go through the logs. If you see 'found it' logs in the winter then it may not be too hard. A lot of DNFs may mean that it is very difficult to find.


As CamoCacher says, pretty much all caches can be found in the snow if you make the effort and have the time. Some will be fairly easy while others become extremely difficult. I've personally found caches under as many as 3 feet of snow. It takes some experience, good detective work and a measure of luck, but it can be done.

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Not finding under the snow would be a DNF. I also have found some under 3-4ft of snow. There are some that can't be found because they can get encased under ice but I still log that as a DNF but I put an explanation in the log so that people won't think its been muggled.



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