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The original MIGO coins were not trackable at GC.com. I believe to 'Refurbish' them, they had the original nontrackable numbers removed and new, GC trackable numbers added. The coins were basically identical to begin with so this makes a 'silk purse' out of a 'sows ear', so-to-speak. :rolleyes:

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I don't go for fancy cars

For diamond rings

Or movie stars

I go for penguins

Oh Lord I go for penguins


- Lyle Lovett

Oh penguin, Oh penguin... Refuse thy Friday's work and travel across the mitten with me to BASH with others of my kind unto the wee hours of the morning, until we see the sun rise with the sound of bagpipes in the early fog.

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** These where the gc trackable coins, and they had number errors.


** We can't make GC trackable coins for $4.00


***Geocoinstore could only sell them the way we asked them too.


***Your correct, we should of stated MiGO only for the first 2 hours earlier. But to make you feel better..............


another batch of these refurbished coins will be available in a few weeks. They are currently tied up getting the correct numbers put on them. Then we will be sold out completely.

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I AM A MEMBER! I still haven't recieved one...

DUH! Super easy! Actually we did ours a few hours ago. It's all right there, how silly.


We even did this (as well as another coin) while traveling from OH to GA... all in one day! Found wireless access to various businesses ~usually hotels~ to link up to, especially in major cities.


Hint while on the go try Starbucks, ABC (not the liquor store), Firehouse Subs, Books A Million, libraries and hotels... :laughing:

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For the first 2 hours they're only avalable to MIGO members.

Why didn't it just say that then instead of using a bunch of jargon about non-level sales and activation codes? Even the sales page only responded with a message that said pretty much, "Hey, don't ask us, we don't know nuthin'". A simple explanation of the sale is all that's needed. Sell your coin how you like, but don't make it a riddle to figure out that I can't buy any.

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The geocoinstore's website had mentioned it being michigan members only for the first two hours... here's the post-


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

MiGO Refurbished Coins Move On Deck

January 4, 2006 (tomorrow!) at 9pm Eastern is the first scheduled sale of the MiGO 2005 Geocoin Refurbished. Starting at that time, orders will be taken. The first two hours of the sale are members-only and an access code will be required. Starting at 11pm Eastern, the sale will open up to anyone if quantities are still available.


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Friday, December 30, 2005

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Looks like they are still selling the 'refurbished' MIGO coins at The GeocoinStore but you are limited to 4. 'Refurbished' is just a small correction in the numbering of the coins. I don't know if it was wrong numbers, duplicate numbers, or what, but from everything I've read they are making them completly trackable. These are the same design coins that have been out all along and trackable.


If you look at the first page of the site you see the NEW MIGO coin for 2006. It's the one with the lighthouse on the back. The front has also been redesigned to reflect the 4 chapters of MIGO. These will go on sale sometime in mid January. MIGO members don't know exaxtly when, just like everyone else.

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