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The Spinning Geocoin


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:rolleyes: I'm sorry, I don't Like them....




















Limit of 3 for me also!!

(I'll find the money!! ;) )


You people got's to quit coming up with such cool coins! :)



D-man :D

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I guess I better cancel production now. :rolleyes:


Darn I had submitted it weeks ago,IIIiiiIIiiiii duh shoulda been faster.

Put me down for 1 or 2 depending on price's.

Sorry! This coin as been in the works for awhile now, almost two months, you may ask Tess. We were having a issue with getting the cost down but now it is worked out and in art work phase. She told me to annouce it now before somebody else gets the idea because you people are getting creative!! Worker Of Woods coin is VERY creative and the fault line coin just to name a few.


Thanks for the good reviews. I will figure out what I am going to do with ordering when the artwork gets here.

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