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The Spinning Geocoin


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This coin will be made through Coin and Pins and is the first of it's kind. My husband came up with the idea one day (well I am giving him credit but I still say it was mine) when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to do regulars or micros. He told me to "flip" a coin and I said why not spin one?? So here it is.


The idea is you spin the coin for what caches you want to find.


-On one side of the coin it will have a regular cache and on the other side a micro.

-It will say "Spin me for the cache you will seek today" on both sides of the coin.

-It will be trackable.

-It will be for sale, but not on that "E" place.

-250 to 300 will be minted with a 3 per person limit.


The artwork is being completed as we speak and I will post it here as soon as I get it. I am very excited about this coin!


Here is a look, keep in mind that the design below is not the actual design, this is a sample.


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Same as XRN95, I'd like three.


Just in case this is a pre-order thread, I'd like in for three. I"ve missed too many coins announcements now and am a bit gun-shy!




Edit : that's "gun-shy" not "guy-shy" ;)

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