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Locationless Caches Gone?


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Not everyone reads the forums...

We sent every locationless cache owner an email. Since it is the only contact point we have there isn't a whole lot we can do if the user doesn't see it.


Well, I am working on a system that will notify you at login, but that is a while away...

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Dont understand why they had to lock the LC's !!!!!


I have had a house full of family for the last 2 weeks and DID NOT get to log all of my finds. I just barely got to log a few amongst the coin trades and the rest of the holiday electronic stuff one has going on.


Anyone have a work around for this issue?

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I suggest adding an automated note to the locked caches explaining why they have been archived and locked plus a link showing the way to Waymarking.com.

This would be a great service to all those who are neither owners of LL nor regular forum readers and would be great advertisement for wm.com.




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