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How Dense Are You ?


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he-he!! you're 4 months to early to be asking the question! :):)


GC shows us 719 caches which include found, unfound, ours and disabled - assuming they will be re-enabled at some stage.


2004 it was 270

2003 it was about 100.


There is a thread somewhere for 2005 but (like the motorways ;) ) I can't find it! The google search only shows the 2004 thread and the forum search is till outa action.

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Total of 185, excluding my 3. Of the 185, 34 are Gowenhouse caches, and 20 are Wombles.


Ive done 120 of these in 10 months, leaving 65 to be done in 2006 with a couple of day trips, weekends away and a trip to Norway planned so plenty to be getting on with! Might even venture across the water to Wales. ;)

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From home there are a paltry 61 caches within a 25 radius.


However the are only 9 within the first 10 miles!!!!


1 of these 9 is ours.


6 are currently unavailable.


We have only 2 left to do within those 9 miles.


Bear in mind that these distances are 'as the crow flies' so in actual fact some of the caches are much further away in reality than 25 miles :)


recently one showed up on the new listings as being 30 something miles away. In actual fact it is over 80 miles to drive there! We live in Thanet, the cache was in Southend on Sea - GC.com seemed to think we could just hot foot it over the water ;)

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BTW, there are only 11 caches IN Berkhamsted Nick... you are only jealous because if they were placed in Hemel they would get stolen coz you're all crooks over there!  :)

Has Magic Roundabout Mayhem ended up in Berko then? :rolleyes:


According to GSAK, we've got 1028 within 25 miles of our part of Hemel


Only got 881 left to find!

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