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Dreamin'eagle Coin

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Well Ladies and Gentlemen it is finally time for my coin to happen. There will be a run for a total of 300 coins, with the first 50 being the antique silver which will go straight to me as well as 50 of the antique bronze. The remaining 200 will be offered in the preorder gallery at TheCachingPlace.Com. The sale will start at the following time depending on your location:


**January 4, 2006* *

Central European time 7:00 pm

Greenwich Mean time 6:00 pm

USA Eastern Standard time 1:00 pm

USA Central Standard time 12:00 noon

USA Mountain Standard time 11:00 am

USA Pacific Standard time 10:00 am


The cost of the coin is $4.25 plus their handling charge and shipping. Enjoy and I look forward to trading with what I personally am purchasing.


As far as the facts go:


300 coins to be made

200 for sale and 50 each of silver and bronze for me trade with

They will be numbered (serial no tracking)


Possibility of a future run in different metals and maybe a change to the die. (haven't decided that part yet)


P.S. As soon as I relocate the original post with the pics I will add it to this post.

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My only wish is that we could all have them now!! I am so horribly excited I can't wait.


It wont be for a few months but I have asked TheCachingPlace about doing a very custom and shaped coin for an event that I am hoping to pull together for later this year (Octoberish) so as time goes by I will let out some hints on it.

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