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Texas Bluebonnet 2006 Geocoin Photo

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Um, well, um, yeah. Sorry. The mailing list got a sneak peak. But I hestitate to show it here due to the flood of "I want x"... emails. I need to set pricing and then put out the formal invitation for reservations.


Oh, ok. Here's what I'm talking about:




But I'm not taking reservations just yet!

;) We were posting at the same time!!


I was manually searching back through the post here when I heard this rattling sound and my brain kicked in gear. Then I remember getting the email! :rolleyes:

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Bluebonnet shipping update:


All trades and domestic orders are packed and going out tomorrow.

Canadian orders are packed and going out tomorrow.

UK Coin club is packed and going out tomorrow.

All other international orders are pending the delivery of some shipping material. This should happen within the next few days.


Bluebonnet reservation/waitlist update:


The clock is ticking on all unclaimed reservations. At 7PM CST tomorrow (Feb 6) all remaining coins will be released to the wait list.

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Waitlist is cleared. Everyone who was on the waitlist got an email to place their order. That's it! Sold out!

International is packed and going tomorrow to the post office.

Orders from the waitlist will be packed and shipped as I get the orders.


Whew! And I get to rest a few weeks before Tracking Time :)

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Ugh. Just got back from the post office. They insisted I have customs forms EVEN though their official pakcaging says I don't for less than 16oz.


Anyway - I need to go print up some forms. All international orders that aren't from Canada will be delayed a few more days. I apologize.

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