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How Many Marylanders Are Here!?


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You'll find most of us over at www.mdgps.org There's a nice group of Maryland cachers. Please, drop in and visit. We'll soon be starting CAM (cache across Maryland) as well as other fun things.



Speaking of which, I no longer own a vehicle that's survived CAM....and the wife said I have to keep the Outback until it hits 200,000 miles. Guess I outa do CAM again this year and fix the first point, and get around 1,000 or so miles closer to the second :rolleyes:

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I am not from Maryland, but I thought this would be a good place to find someone to help me out with a multi cache. Originally I was from Aberdeen Washington. Here a cache was placed and when the coordinates were discovered, it put the second half ofthe cache in Aberdeen Maryland. It is called the twin City Cache. So I will give the cooridantes to whomever would like to help me out and we can both log it as a find. There is also a multi cache that begins in Aberdeen Maryland, and will finsih in Aberdeen Washington. It is called two for the money. Although I don't live in Aberdeen anymore, i still frequent the area to visit my parents. Let me know if anyonoe would be willing to help.



Anthony of STAAARRR

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How many marylanders are out there and where are you at?


I'm in Hampstead.




I'm located in Frederick, but I'm currently enrolled in school in Hagerstown (Hagerstown Community College). I've done caches in Frederick, Carroll, Washington, and Allegheny counties in MD, and Jefferson county WV.


There are a lot of cachers in MD... mdgps.org is where we hang out!

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