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Moving Cache ?

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I have a cache placed and I placed it where it is for a reason and covered it in the manner I wanted. My question is is it right for someone to move it or hide it better?? I know I personally wouldn't do it since I didnt place it and would leave it how the owner intended it to be found. Whats you opinon on this ??



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No . . .


Recently I checked one of my caches and I removed some sticks placed there by a previous finder. I wanted it to look the way I left it . . . I didn't want it to be a more-obvious hide.


I think some new cachers don't quite understand the "game." One cache here was hidden better, in a different location, and no one, including the cache owners have found it since . . . B)

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I don't think this is just a newbie issue. First off each time someone visits, unless they are FTF, the cache will have changed slightly over time, ie sticks placed on top, dirt moved, tracks leading in and out, etc.


This to me however is different then moving or rehiding in a different spot, which is totally unacceptable.

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Let me say that even if you indicate on your cache page to hide it as it was found does not mean it will stay that way. Some folks are simply trying to help if they cover it with ground litter not wanting it to get stolen. OR someone stumbled upon the cache and did whatever with it when they put it back. OR in the excitement of the find they forgot where the exact spot was. OR they just dont care and just threw it back on the ground. OR there was an earthquake......... It happens, part of the game

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I think most here would agree that its wrong to move a cache. Some forum regulars however repeat the "you should hide it better than you found it" mantra. As a cache owner I don't appreciate this. I've had to make numerous, unplanned maintenance trips over the years thanks to someone who hid my cache better than I originally did.


I think the only exception should be if its obvious the cache is not hidden the way the owner intended. For example a 2 star difficulty hide that is sitting in the open within view of a trail or road.

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Today would be a perfect example for me. Only my second find and the cache was literally sitting in the open, which, according to their page, was NOT what the hider intended. I simply tried to put it back exactly as described on the page. Didn't take it from the spot, didn't try to make it harder to find, just wanted to put it into the same condition as described.



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Intentionally move it or improve its cover? NO!! I assume the cache owner wants it there and that way.


Unintentionally? It will happen because people will forget the exact post on a bridge it was on or behind etc. But I think every cacher should try their best to leave a cache the way they found it.



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Over New Years' weekend, my daughter and I went to watch the fireworks display from the site of one of our caches (they were spectacular!), and had planned on swapping out a full logbook. Due to muggles and darkness, I DNF'd my own cache! This morning I went back and found it right away once those issues were out of the way. Someone had moved the cache about three inches, to another surface of the same object. The change made perfect sense because conditions had changed with the change in seasons. In my maintenance note on the cache page, I said thank you!


I think that what happened to me is very much the exception to the rule, however. Normally I am a bit peeved when I find one of my caches poorly camoflaged after I had spent a lot of time on the camo aspect of the hide. And I am happily surprised when I have trouble finding my own cache, and eventually come upon it, hidden exactly the way as the day I released it.

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I was notorious for forgetting exactly where a cache was. I hated myself for not remembering exactly which rock it was under. Then I found a solution. When I lift the cache out of its space, I leave my GPS in the space. Haven't had any problem since...amazing how well I can remember an EXACT SPOT when losing my GPS is at stake.

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