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If Your New Garmin Came With City Select V6 ...

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Just a note/reminder to new Garmin owners that you're entitled to a free upgrade to City Select v7. I just got my DVD (note: not a CD, so you need a DVD-capable drive) in the mail today, and installed it. With my Internet connection enabled and my 7-digit registration code (from the v6 paperwork) in hand, the wizard was able to connect to Garmin and unlock the upgrade with no hassles at all. Note it's an upgrade, not a full install, so you need to already have v6 installed, unlocked and working.


As for whether the upgrade was worth it, I tried a half-dozen local shopping spots I knew were absent in the POI database in v6 (even after I updated it to 6.9.1), and every single one was now Find-able. Plus, a major highway link between my city and the nearest neighbor city (where all the shopping is, so it gets travelled a LOT) that was too new to appear in 6.9.1 is now present. No more breadcrumbs across empty space and several minutes of "Off route, recalculating" until you rejoin roads in the database.


I highly recommend availing yourself of this upgrade!


ETA: To order your upgrade DVD visit this web page:


City Select v7 order page

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