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City Select 6.0 Upgrade Snafu

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I receved new GPSmap 60CS and City Select 6.0 for Christmas. Garmin promised a free upgrade to Version 7.0. I ordered it and received, guess what... City Navigator (upgrade version 7.0) arrived. I tried upgrading CS6 to CN7 and it didn't work.


After hanging on hold for an hour and a half, the tech support guy told me to order CS7 upgrade on their web site. It ain't an option. Worse yet, he hung up on me at closing time (5:00PM CT).


I have sent three e-mails to Garmin (two to Tech Support) and one to Sales. Honestly, I didn't notice they had sent the wrong software till after I had spent an hour trying to get this thing to work.


Garmin needs to send me the right upgrade City Select software or a stand-alone City Navigator 7.0.


Any suggestions as to how I can get this thing unscrewed? Maybe some magic e-mail address or phone number...

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I did not have any problems, however I went from 5.0 to 7.0. I knew there would be a cost of $50.00 so when installing it had me put my credit card infor in and I was up and running. If you have the 6.0 version I believe according to the chart you should get the upgrade free. You probably just need the right disk. You may want to order online like the previous poster said. I was told by Garmin there is only a limited amount of disk going to be sent out.



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I received the DVD in the mail, installed the software, and then couldn't get the software to unlock. When trying to purchase the unlock code ($50) on the web-site it wouldn't take my credit card number. I called tech support this morning and after waiting 45 minutes on hold, purchased the code over the phone and everything now works like a charm. Apparently, there was a problem with the Garmin server when I tried to make the purchase yesterday. Tech support is overwhelmed right now due to the holidays but according to the rep I talked to today, should be in good shape by the end of the week.

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The last (hopefully) word on this subject:


I ended up with an unuseable CS 6 and the beginning of an ulcer. I wrote an e-mail to Garmin and was told CS 7 was being shipped.


Early this morning I called Garmin Tech Support in an attempt to get CS 6 running. I was getting a MapSource Registry error. A Garmin representative named Joe, helped me uninstall all the files and, using RegEdit, got the map back up. He was exceptionally patient and professional. He couldn't understand why the wrong upgrade had been sent. He also promised a CS 7 upgrade.


Problem solved.

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