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Restarea Caching

the butterfly effect

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I don't think there is a searchable Attribute for that . . . B) Although, that might be a nice Attribute to have to add to Rest Stop caches . . .


You could follow the instructions given in this thread and then filter the data for your route down to caches that are within .25 of the highway. That would likely return all the Rest Stop caches, as well as those at nearby Restaurants or Truck Stops.


I did this for a recent trip and filtered for those caches that were less than 2 Difficulty with 1.5 Terain.

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If you come across one rest area cache on your route, look to see if it's listed on a shared, public bookmark list. More and more individuals and local geocaching groups are putting together helpful bookmark lists like "Caches along Interstate X in State Y." Then, you can download a PQ of just the caches in the bookmark list. Oftentimes, these lists will contain not only rest area caches, but also "easy on/off" caches at exits (park and rides, truckstops, etc.).

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Try Buxley's web site. Like I said above, it is pretty easy if you are travelling on major highways. You can follow the highway from the maps and put your cursor over the caches along the route. When you move your cursor over the cache point, it shows the name of the cache. By clicking on the cache point, it will open up the geocaching.com waypoint. I have used this method a number of times when travelling.

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