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Need Some Photo's

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I've been working with the Idaho State Police to make a geocaching class and they have requested some photo's of cachers out having fun doing their thing.


Family shots and the like. Is anyone willing to let me use their photo's? any suggestions on some good ones (like a kid with that look of complete glee they get...).?


Email, PM, Post a link or a photo here.



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any suggestions on some good ones (like a kid with that look of  complete glee they get...).?


I love the expression on the face of "The Grumble" (daughter of Clan Delaney) when she found a travel bug at one of our caches -- maybe you could email Clan Delaney and ask about using the picture?



I always liked that picture, too. And she's holding my TB!


Here's one of my favorite caching pictures. Feel free to us it, or anything else in my gallery.


Mountain_Wanderer, ThePetersPack, Hipointer and Capiti on the day we climbed Mt. Moosilauke in search of Rusty's Bivouac:



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Feel free to use any of our gallery pics for your presentation... anything to help w/ some understanding of the sport!

Theres no kiddos in the shots, just a happy couple who uses geocaching to get away from it all and see things we otherwise would have looked over!

Just let me know if you use any of them ( I think it would be pretty cool...).

Good luck w/ everything!



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