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Weighing Trash Brought Out?


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This might sound a bit silly, but could be fun for kids. What if you brought along an old, small hanging (fish) scale with you when caching? You could weigh the trash brought out and keep a log. Remember grams and ounces will add up over time. The site could even have a calculator that would show the positive impact that thousands of cachers have. An inexpensive digital scale seems to be going for about 10$-12$ on ebay. What do you think?

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That is a statistic I would like to see on my profile page and a wouldwide total on the GC home page. I can see this working on most cache trips we take but I would have hated to have weighed he 6 truck loads we cleaned up a few weeks ago ;)


What is sad, I had my camera in my pack all day and did not get a single picture. thanks to FishinPair guy we had some pictures of the day.

After the Storm


From the sound of it we have abot 100 times that amount left to clean up :(;):P


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Pulled out a tire yesterday in a County Park. Kind of hard to weigh, I know. I was really thinking of weighing the small grocery bags filled with trash my kids bring out. Usually some papers, coffee cups, soda bottles, beer/soda cans etc. I wanted to show them that over time, every little bit adds up. If we needed to weigh a pickup truck load of stuff, I would just use the drive-on scale at the dump or recycling center.

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Unfortunatly, the exciting thing with the CITO is to see how much trash one can haul out and hope it weighs the most and all! The reason that is unfortunate is to show how much trash their really is in the citys, parks, or wherever else CITO's generally happen that we haven't got yet! We think we made a difference by getting 8 truck loads....and we did, don't get me wrong....but we have only scratched the surface of how much trash in the world that we have left to get.


Great idea with weighing the trash....'cause it is incentive to push and get more of it! LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

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My local group has an on going CITO project with a local park. The guy from the park who supervises us has an averaged wieght of the trash bags they give us when they are full.

Do you happen to know what the current total is?

Cobb Creek CITO #1

Cobb Creek CITO #2

In CITO#2 we removed:

Cleared an area 45' x 200', about the same amount of space as last time.

Fifty, 50pd bags of trash - 2500pds

1000 pounds of concrete scrap

1000 pounds of brush

Some of the more interesting finds included an SUV, a womans purse with ID, a toilet, tires, car parts, and quite a few pairs of Timberland boots.


To date we have cleared an area of 45'x400' and have removed 2.5 tons of brush and debri.


This is not just pulling trash it also involves clearing brush from an embankment. In the first CITO you couldn't see into the park from the sidewalk that overlooks the park and the embankment.


As we clear out brush alot of trash that was dumped becomes more visible.

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i see no one has mentioned my idea for a cito i may not be old enough to hold one but heres my idea to the rest of you. i did a phone interview with the head of the MN DNR's Adopt a river program i told him about caching and he never heard of it well next day he sent me an email talking about how the mn dnr has just allowed it in state parks but then i asked him if i could do a cito cache with your program and he loved the idea and says it would also be a bonus to keeping geocaching up in state parks and we would be on the dnrs good side. well i know that other states do adopt a river i just dont know which ones but if you log on to your states dnr page you can look up the program this is a major convieniance because its not just rivers its any body of water the deal is a minimum 2 year project with cleanups anually about 1 or 2 months apart maybe excluding winter :mad:

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My two five year olds love picking up trash as much as finding the cache itself. We drop off homemade 'CITO kits' at every cache they'll fit in. A friend puts 'souvenier' CITO kits in his cache to tempt cachers into doing a little clean up on the way out. He hasn't had much success. I suggested having a 'contest' or reward for doing CITO at his cache. Maybe a 'weigh in' would work. The most trash wins a prize or something. Any other ideas?

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