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Hi, I have a Garmin Geko 201 and have a data cable with the serial plug on the end. Well it worked great with my old computer, but now I have a brand new computer without the serial port. Does anyone know where to get a new data cable with a USB plug on it or is wiser to get a serial-to-USB adapter?


BTW...long time no speak all you regulars!

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I had the same problem with my new computer so I bought a USB-DB9 short adaptor cable that is USB1.1/2.0 compatable on Ebay for under $10 which included shipping. Looks to be very well made and works great. The one I got was from a seller "crystalink1" who has 100% positive feedback.

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I tried the USB to serial adapter (off brand, not belkin) and it worked ok, but there were a few constant glitches. Picked up a PCMCIA serial card that actually gives me a real COMM port, and it's worked flawlessly. Can be popped in and out hot too, unlike the USB adapter, which when put back in re-configured the port it was using.


PCMCIA adapter was about $29 shipped to my door from ebay. It uses a 6" DB9 to RJ45 dongle (Included) to make the connection.

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