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Did You Complete Your 2005 Caching Plans?

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Remember this thread from last year? How have you done against your stated plans? And how have they changed for 2006?


For the record, I said:


Finish (start?!) some of those challenging puzzles - such as Lewis Alone.... Done - and FTF on Lewis 2! :) We greatly enjoy the more challenging puzzle caches - even if they do take a bit longer.

Set some long-overdue caches in Towcester, Silverstone, Whittlewood Forest... Finally got the permission - but watch this space for the caches...

Attend our first event, and meet more cachers (also long overdue!). Attended 2 events in 2005 - must try to get to more in 2006.

Release those 5 TB tags we've had since August... Done

Work out how to use this PDA thingy... Still working on it...

Try to avoid searching the building site next door to the Taj Mahal (metaphorically speaking!). Spent a good 30 minutes doing this in Oxford this afternoon. Wishful thinking... :) 

And become a Premium member - done 1/1/2005! Remember to renew it!

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I said:


I'd like to get my 500th, a good 5/5 cache, maybe on the 5/5 (5th May).... but we'll see. That's a tall order by then!


Ummm, yeah.... I doubled that! Got several 5/5's, and was on well over 500 by the 5/5/2005.


I shan't make any plans for this year, other than cache in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland maybe. I'd like to find more coins I suppose too?

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I'd forgotten all about starting that original thread! Well done on remembering it. :)


My plans were:


Reach 600 finds

Just! Done on December the 18th this year at a cache I visited in October 2003 - but didn't log at the time.


Revamp some of my older caches by adding extra elements.

Errr, not really. I suspect I'd archive caches and replace them with 'new versions' now, rather than extend or radically change existing caches.


Set at least one new cache per month (as I discovered with my last hide there are some great 'undiscovered' locations out there, waiting for a cache)

No tick here either. January=0. February=4. March=2. April=7. May=28 (see below) June=4. July=2. August=2. September=2. October=1. November=1. December=0.


Do Dan's The Ring too.

Yep, with Sensei at the end of the summer. Excellent cache, but not quite my favourite of the year.


I also want to attend some more events (always fun)

One CITO (my own) and eleven 'trads' (inc. two of my own)


Perhaps release a TB or two.

Or four, inc. a Virtual one which didn't last long


I also have my eye on a record...

But not either of the ones I actually got! I hoped to do the most in 24 hours outside of London, but ended up with the most hides in a month (by accident. If I'd have been planning it, I'd have held off the 6 I set at the end of April to the start of May) and the first Brit to hit 100 - again, with no real plan to. Anyway, it's not about the numbers... :lol:


So, a mixed result, but not a bad years caching. Made some new friends too, which is always cool (especially if they'll lend me money :) )

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Finish planting our 40 stage multi.

Last stage hidden today <_<

Clear all caches within 40 miles of home

Hmm not yet but working on it just need to stop all these micros as the kids hate em

Recover two lost tbs's 

One relaunched the other found again.

Get some walkie talkies.

Our purchase of the year saved us loads of time and trouble and shouting and only 14 quid from maplin

and finally log at least one trigpoint

Done three times this ammount.

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Our purchase of the year saved us loads of time and trouble and shouting and only 14 quid from maplin


Great idea .

Is signal affected by trees or outcrops of rock?

No. Apparently in open countryside on hills etc the range is well over a mile <_< .

Certainly work if one person stays in the car while the other gets soaked in the rain !!!

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