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City Select V7

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Nothing specific about win98se (thought that is a horrid piece of software with plenty of problems of it's own :) ) but I thought I'd post anyway. I just installed city select 6 on my new laptop (winxppro) and then the upgrade install to cs7 failed several times. I finally was able to trick it into working by copying a .cab file to my desktop. The odd thing was that I copied the .cab file off the very disk (brand new with unlock codes from garmin) I was using that was giving me a failed install! It works fine now and obviously you won't feel this way if your install worked fine... but my main point is (after reading lots of posts on the subject by seemingly knowledgeable people) that garmin releases some very buggy shiat. It's like everything they put out should really be a beta version but they release it anyway.

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does anyone know what the system requirement for city select v7 is ? I have windows 98se . Mapsource topo went on my computer with no problems. But city select isn't accessible. thanks

First post, I know it's a stupid question to ask you, I do have v7... Do you have a DVD drive? v7 is only available on a DVD.

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I got a 60cs and City Select v7 for Christmas. Then my husband had to go out and buy a new computer with a DVD drive and more memory because it requires so much! Good thing he got a big bonus and likes to buy computers! <_< Now it all works fine, although I notice v.7 is at least five years outdated on the restaurants in my area. So much for being up to date, and I'm sure there won't be another upgrade.

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I just installed City Select North America v7 on my computer (with XP). The software comes on a DVD so a DVD drive is required. Apparently with DVD ROM's being more populiar now, Garmin didn't feel the need to provide the data on 3 CD's. I also had to buy the DVD writer that I had been putting off. <_<


If I remember correctly, the HD space requirement was 1.6 Gb actual space. The install puts all maps and software on your computer.


As a side note, when you install multiple Mapsource products on your computer, you need to select which one you want to use after you open Mapsource. There should be a drop-down menu. You can not view Topo data and City Select data at the same time. :o


hope this helps.

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Now it all works fine, although I notice v.7 is at least five years outdated on the restaurants in my area. So much for being up to date, and I'm sure there won't be another upgrade.

According to Garmin, CS owners will be allowed to follow the City Navigator upgrade path..ie upgrade their v7 CS to v8 CN at upgrade price. We'll see!

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I also got v7 for xmas. The DVD drive I had did not want to read the data. Had to buy a new DVD drive.

Complete subdivisions that have had houses for over 6 years are not on the maps. I live south of Austin, Tx. I know they are building houses very swiftly, but you would think a BRAND NEW version would have this data. And why can they not issue incremental updates?



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Looking at the DVD insert right now. Specifically states Win98 is okay, and you need 32MB of memory and 2GB of disk space. Sounds like this has been covered pretty well already, but just got the upgrade DVD and installed it so the stuff was literally in front of me when I saw this thread; figured I'd chime in. As far as POI data, v7 added numerous local POI finds that were missing from v6.9, so for this area it was a major value added to upgrade.

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I live in a very populated area near Albany, NY. About a year ago, there was some construction done to change the location of the roads to put in a Shopping Plaza. The roads showed correctly, but the location of the businesses was on the older main road, not on the new Plaza road. You would still be able to find them using the routing feature, but not take you to the front door.

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