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1st 2006's Greek Geocaching Meeting

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Shall we arrange some meeting to know each other here in Greece?

At the previous and first in Greece we made it 4 people ! ! !

Yeah, this is the current record ! If we meet more than 4 people at the next one, it will be a success!!!


So let's hear some dates that will be convenient to most of you !


See U at the meeting !


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I think we should arrange a meeting long before summer.

For the summer holidays we can arrange another meeting...there is plenty of time...

But I don't see any volunteers for the meeting !

What if we announced that there will be free beer? :rolleyes:

Or free souvlaki? :D:D

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My friend,

the problem is that there are volunteers from outside Greece and only two willing from Greece...

It is a shame in a country with 10 million people such healthy sports to be totally unknown to the people...

At the same time I see some geocaching gatherings in Europe with at least 50 people at each one...

It is a shame for the way people live here...They have "improoved" their lives so much that they move only with their cars and they always park them outside the stores they want because they don't want to walk a block...

In some words I declare all this in my Greek words.There is nothing offending you my friend $hogun !



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At the calendar I see that from 15/4 to 30/4 we will be having the Easter holidays.

If nobody else shows up, I can be somewhere and meet you my friend !

Do not worry, you can meet at least one Greek geocacher as you come here!

Anybody else (local or foreigner) for the Easter meeting?



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Did I hear someone mention "free beer" ???? Those words carried all the way to Canada ! <_<


Seriously, an event is a great way to bring local cachers together. Geocaching is growing in Greece and now with a Greek section in the forums an event will also attract visitors to Greece also.


My wife and I visited Greece last year and had a fantastic time. We also met Yanni who is a great ambassador for Geocaching in Greece. We will be returning to Greece again but we're not sure just when.


Good Luck with your next event.



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Yanni is right, geocaching is not at all popular in Greece. Actually GPSr are not very popular in Greece yet, with Greek street level maps being introduced only for Garmin at the moment. Magellan has not announced any plans.


It is interesting that Greece is considered Western Europe, but not included in Western Europe GPS maps. :D

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Hi Dimitri, welcome to Greek Geocaching Forum.

All agree with Yanni to arrange a meeting asap. So... Yanni has work to do :laughing:

My friend Yianni, you have just to plan it and announce the time and the place...

About the free beer and souvlaki: Paul and $hogun, if you come to the first meeting you will have as much beer you can drink (and souvlakia too) :lol:

Good luck, Antonis

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So, for the 4th of February 2006 is it a good date?

If you have a better date please suggest.

Let's say at 12:00 but where?

Where would you like to meet?

Maybe by the sea?


I suggest as a meeting place outside Ostria cafeteria at Alimos.

And when we meet then we can get inside at the warm and have some hot tea or chocolate !


What do you think?

Come on people, let's meet ! ! !

We share the shame amazing hobby ! ! !



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Hi, On 4th of February I'll be to Xylokastro. I 'll be in Athens on 14 & 28th of January (Saturdays). Ostria is O.K., 12:00 is perfect!


So... I think that 14th is too close. I suggest the 28th of January to Ostria (N37 54,614 E23 42,6833") at 12:00.


Do you agree?


Let's be more hi-tech... ;) I attach a google map for the meeting point...




... :unsure::(:(

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So, the new date for the first Greek Geocaching Meeting for the 2006 is the 28th of January !

The place has the coordinates:


N37 54,614' E23 42,6833'


and the time is 12:00 in the noon.


All friends are welcome !



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Welcome my friend!


Where have you been from the 2nd of January, when YanniG posted the first message for the meeting??? All theese days we talk about the date and place...


About Athens now... all Greek geocachers who posted messages live in Athens. Do you believe that it would be better to arrange the meeting to Thessaloniki??? :D


Additionally, please let me be inform you that the "fight" between Norths and Souths is over long time ago... ;) If you had post a message saying your oppinion, the meeting could be to Thessaloniki. O.K.? Personally, I love this city!


Regards, Antonis

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My friend diasostis,


none says that you can not innitiate a greek geocaching meeting in Thessaloniki !

Every geocacher can start a new meeting wherever he wants ! The key is to be attended by as many people as it can be.

Please organise such a meeting and then wait to see whether people from other parts of Greece will attend !


My friend, here we are to spend our free time on our beloved hobby, not for fights.

And none stops you from placing new caches around Thessaloniki or the north of greece.Do it and see how many geocachers will travel from the other parts of Greece just to find the caches !


You are welcome to the forums !


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