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Cheap Ferries To France

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Completely off-topic, but I'm heading to Germany for a surprise birthday party (and one or two caches, of course) and need the cheapest possible ferry over.


I'm hoping some of you booze-cruise savvy Brits can help me out. I'm going on the night of Friday, 25th January, and am coming back on the morning of either Saturday or Sunday, 28th/29th January. The cheapest Dover-Calais return crossing I can find so far is P&O for £70.


Any tips, insider knowledge or handy websites? :lol:

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I'm going on the night of Friday, 25th January

Guess again Klaus mate.... Wednesday 25th, or Friday 27th?

The former... :o sorry

That might be good news, as when I was investigating, Friday crossings were more than mid-week. Enjoy your trip <_<

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