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M1eyo Closes In On 2000 - 12 To Go!


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Happy New Year! :D


M1EYO is a now just a couple of trips away from one of caching's great milestones - the first UK cacher to get to 2000 caches! :D


He says (as at last night) that he will likely do his 2000th cache on Saturday at a cache yet to be decided somewhere in the NW. However, I notice that 8 new caches have appeared this morning on the Wirral so the 2000th may now be earlier! :D:D


A few of us local cachers are planning to be there to help him celebrate so I thought I'd mention it on here to see if others are interested in nipping along. I'll post details of where and when as soon as Alan lets me know his exact plans.


Cheers! :D



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Only showing one short now  ;)  1999 found M1EYO

Alan nipped out for a pre-dawn raid this morning to set things up for Saturday. :P


The 2000th cache will be...


Deanclough Dyke (GCRV16)


... meeting at the car park coords listed on the cache page at 11am on Saturday.


The cache is just over a mile and a half round trip from the car park and afterwards we can celebrate and quench our thirst at a nearby hostelry. :o


I'll nip out tomorrow and research the local pubs - it's a tough job but someone has to do it! :P<_<;)





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After a bit of tough research ;) the pub for celebration drinks will be...


Aspinall Arms at Mitton


which is at N53 50.615 W2 25.915 or thereabouts.


Cachers who have bagged this cache will be familiar with the area...


Saint or Sinner? - All Hallows


In summary...


Saturday 11am - Car Park at N53 47.664 W002 25.144


Pub Afterwards - Aspinall Arms, Mitton N53 50.615 W2 25.915


See you there!





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