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Question Re: Garmin Quest Compass Screen

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The printed Quest manual that came with mine doesn't discuss the features of the compass screen at all, and the downloaded version of the manual goes over them in a cursory (to me) confusing manner, and then states (incorrectly) the only time you can see it is during Tracbacks. After trying it myself briefly, I think I understand it, but want to be sure:


1. The "bug" stays fixed at the top of the screen, while the compass rose rotates underneath it so that the "bug" is always pointing at the heading you're moving in.


2. The needle points in the direction of the waypoint you're navigating towards. You try to maneuver so the needle points at the "bug" and then you're heading right towards the waypoint.


Is this correct?

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You are correct. The purple triangle is always at the top of the screen. It is the direction you are moving in. The green arrow sends you in the direction you want to go. Of course, since the quest doesn't have an on-board compass, this is only true if you are moving.


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