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Goecaching Poem/verse/ditty

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how about!!


There are a family of cachers from Durham

who's border collie jess find their caches for them


the dad is graham, the mam is mandy

and the kids with their gps's come in handy


after a hard days caching

and lots of number mashing


something to do with having a cup of tea needed lol


M :ph34r:


I'm trying lol

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There was a combined effort poem done (I think about 6 months ago) for someones travel bug. Each poster had to add one line.


Unfortunately, I can't remember whos bug, and with the search facility out of order, I can't find the thread. I do remember that it had lies to rhyme with Orange and Purple though <_<

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Cache in and trash out

Let's all go hunt for a luncbox

you all shout

Hidden in the woods or under some leaves

I'll bet that some has hidden it in the damm trees.


Traditionals and mircos

wev'e been kept on our toes

large, regualr or small

wev'e tried them all.


Us 4 and Jess

Caching is best

over to Duthum

is where you should come


Caches and bug galore

we'll pop them through your door

Pherhaps we'll meet soon

whilst sratching the floor


Just one more lunch box

just one more hunt

will it be your bumm sicking out of the hedge

and not you front.

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