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I ran a pocket query last week on my finds and that worked, I got the email with the results in minutes.

Today I have submitted a query for sites not found centered around one area, limited to 20 sites.

I can see the results, it works, but I am not getting any email with the results.


I have tried about three times and it has been hours.


My query is still listed and shows that it has never run.


I chose "run once then delete" and output to "this accounts email address"


How long should I expect to wait?

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Ok, I'm getting better at this, I have run at least ten queries successfully, but this morning I can't get it to run.

I get results, I can preview and see that the query works, but it shows last generated "1/14/2006 3:11:13 AM". Right now it is 6:30 AM (CTS) on Sunday.


One question: What does it mean when the "last generated" is displayed in bold type?

Yesterday's query is in bold, but the one I'm trying to run is not bold.


I have selected "Uncheck the day of the week after the query runs" and I have tried it with both Sat and Sunday checked, and with only Sunday checked.


Most of the time I get results in less then 10 minutes, but this one has been waiting for about an hour.

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PQs are queued based on the last run date. A new PQ, or one that hasn't run in a week or more, tends to run almost immediately. On a weekend, on one that you ran yesterday, it could take a while. I know it used to not even run some days, before Jeremy implemented some control measures to stop PQs from overloading the system. Even now, though it could take a few hours before it runs.

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I have found it easiest to create and save several (many) pocket queries and leave the boxes unchecked (so they don't generate automatically.


When I need a PQ (usually one, rarely two), I just check it for that day, and normally get the PQ delivered within a minute orr two. After that, I uncheck the box so it doesn't run again until it's needed.


People running the maxium number of queries every single day is what puts the strain on the servers. Do you really NEED 2500 cache listing every day??

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