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Looking For Someone In Or Near Seaton

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I am looking for someone\anyone in or around the town of Seaton, County of Devon, And ( love the name ) close to the town of Beer. I really need some help with a cache that starts over here, stage 2 is in the U.K., and the final is, thats right, back over here. If anyone can help me with this cache please e-mail me at RLMAN72@msn.com. I would be willing to do a favor of some kind to whoever helps me. Thanx NEONCACHER

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Hi Neoncacher,


Well yeah, "across the pond" is indeed half mine. What you need to do is find some nearby caches to the co-ords that you found in the stage 1 micro in Alabama and see if you can choose one of the local cachers who have set caches in the area. Email them through their profile and ask if they are willing to go find the Seaton micro. They get rewarded enough by being able to log the cache themselves once you have found the final.


This is part of the challenge. It is far too easy to ask me to just mail them to you ;)


Good luck!

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