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Unlocking Citynavigator Maps

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I'm having a bit of trouble unlocking the CityNavigator maps on my dad's new GPS.


I used the wizard, and followed all the instructions. After that I loaded my state onto the GPS, and yet, it says "Can't Unlock Maps" when I turn it on.


Does it need synced with the computer somehow, and if so, how do I do that?

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Check your email to see if your 25 digit unlock code matches, and also go to www.garmin.com to see if they got the correct GPS serial number, that should be listed on the UNLOCK account for that GPS.


Garmin May need the info on the CN version number, the GPS model, Serial Number, and the 25 digit unlock code, that shows in Mapsource.


Garmin 1-800-800-1020

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Well, it seems my dad had started it, and when it didn't work the way he wanted it to, he gave up and handed it to me.


He had used the certificate to have the unlock code mailed to him.


He didn't type in the unlock code. After fiddling around, I managed to reupload the maps and it's working now. We just took a ride around town and enjoyed having it route us back to the house.


Sadly, I think I know more about his GPS now after playing with it for twenty minutes than he may ever know.


Thanks for the help, I probably should have played around a bit more before asking.

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I dorked up my CS6 and CS7 installations several times until I got a handle on what they were doing, so it doesn't appear you can lock yourself out. Glad you got it. It's not a user friendly process for sure but I am impressed with the content and details.

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