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Cool Tb Photos

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At the end of September, I took the REAL bug out of a TB hotel and logged him, and recieved an ecstatic e-mail from his owner because he'd been MIA for over a year; he'd somehow mysteriously travelled from Georgia to Maryland, to boot.


At any rate, his mission was to visit other bugs, both real and fake, and I've had tremendous fun (approved by his owner, btw) carrying him from cache to cache and finding various bugs to take pictures of, some with the TB, some not. Since it's getting cold here in Maryland, next weekend I plan to drop him about 35 miles south, not too far from BWI, and hope whoever picks him up continues his mission...


Anyhoo, these are my favorites of the various pictures I've posted:











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I got my hands on napaku's Ducati Travel Bug, whose mission is to get to Italy and, along the way, have pictures taken of it with motorcycles.


This weekend was "American Day" here in Misawa, Japan, which is a big yearly festival. Part of the festival is a parade, which usually has something like 300 Harley Davidsons in it. This year was something of a wash (literally; it rained all weekend long), but I still managed to get over to the bikers' campsite as they were packing up and getting ready to go to the parade rally point.


Here is my favorite photo from the (small) series of photos I uploaded:




I actually love that the bike is wet. : )

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Try not to show the tracking number in photos.





Not trying to be funny, can you make out the tracking code? It looks totally blurry to me.

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Might be tricky to work out.


Still, be careful.


Thanks, you confirmed what my wife already knows, that I need glasses :laughing:


I fixed the picture and uploaded it again.

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When I come across a cool TB I adopt it temporarily (with the owners permission) and take it to every cache I visit. I take at least one photo at each cache and chalks up miles for the TB. At this point I have posted over 500 TB photos! I have many to share.


GTO visited this TB hotel in Bullhead City, Arizona.




GTO and the wild donkeys in Oatman, Arizona




GTO has a lot of horsepower, but he can still ride a wild donkey!



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The Lure at an elusive cache called Anarchy II in Los Alamitos, California. Not a spot to be caching alone, so a few of us teamed up to go there.




Zeke at Snake Branch in Lakewood, California




Zeke on the lake in Big Bear Lake, California



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Zeke getting ready to read some books downtown, Los Angeles, California.



My caching partner (ericpa) is a severely handicapped amputee and we take his chair and my bicycle on public transportation to an urban area that has many caches and wheel ourselves around to find them. This AT&T sculpture in downtown Los Angeles is made up mostly of old telephone equipment. The cache is hidden within the scupture.



Zeke on the sculpture's foot.


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Zeke at the base of an apartment building downtown, Los Angeles, California.



Zeke and GeoBuddy at a water feature near Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California.



Zeke and the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Lakewood, California.


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Purple Ducky at the oldest original McDonald's in Downey, California.



Better run Purple Ducky, he's right behind you!



Purple Ducky on a speed skater who is holding GeoBuddy's leash.


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Here is one of a "United For Diabetes" travel bug that I picked.He decided to do a little fishing down at the creek,even though there was still ice hanging around.As you can see,he was dressed for warmer weather. :D



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Purple Ducky at the famouse Watts Towers in Watts, California.



Purple Ducky at Devil's Gate in Pasadena, California.



Purple Ducky at the bridges over Devil's Gate.


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Purple Ducky in the San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest with downtown Los Angeles in the distance.



I usually don't do playground hides but this one was empty and it had cool play equipment. Purple Ducky is in the serpents mouth.



Purple Ducky on the snail slide's eye



Purple Ducky on the dragon slide's ear.



Purple Ducky on the lighthouse dragon slide's head.



Purple Ducky on the whale slide.


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Purple Ducky in a TB hotel located at the entrance to the crawlspace under the cache owners house. You have to remove the screen to get access. Felt uncomfortable doing this but it was worth it. The hotel has a different titled room for travellers. It was really cool.



Purple Ducky on a galloping steed in Downey, California.


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This Yellow Mining Dump Truck wanted to travel in a radius of 100 miles of the John Deer administration building in the Q.C.

We took a photo of it on the exact John Deere model & another photo of our jr. exporer with it.

Unfortunately, it appears this TB was last seen at the end of 2008 with 2,232 miles.



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This travel bug was a piece of concrete from the World Trade Centers. We got to take it to the Flight 93 memorial on September 11, 2004.


and the geocache there



Unfortunately, it went missing in 2005

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I picked up Devil Duckie near where I live here in NW Arkansas, and decided to bring him to Florida. Unfortunately, I didn't find any caches big enough to hold him (was there for a wedding, so only got a few caches). Instead, he got to see the ocean and then came back to Arkansas with me:



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We found this TB that had been missing almost 3 years. His goal was to visit architectural wonders, so we took him to the St. Louis Arch.



And this TB wanted to visit highways and byways, so we photographed him on the St. Louis interstate.


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GTO and a sailboat at Marina Del Rey, Ca. Just before I took this photo a whale surfaced at this spot. It was my first ever whale sighting. Blew through his blowhole and dove again. It was a beautiful sight and I was immediately glad that Geocaching brought me there.



Another sailboat.


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If you catch the mussels at Marina Del Rey, don't eat them.



Saw this on the jetty close to the cache. Apparently someone caught it then used its meat for bait.




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The oldest remaining bridge over the Los Angeles River, built in 1910. Downtown is in the background.



Part of a graffiti wall mural near Skid Row. The cache was a magnetic nano stuck to an exposed bit of rebar and painted the same color as the artwork. Many spray paint artists collaborate on these beautiful murals and there was a couple of artists here that day but didn't want to be part of a photo.


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Got another good photo with the Ducati Motorcycle TB:



Ducati, meet Vulcan


Jackalgirl, reflected.


That's not my caching bag, in case you were wondering; it is in fact a diaper bag, as I was out traveling with my 22-month-old (who likes all of the parks & places we get to visit because we go geocaching).


It was my goal to leave this Bug in Front Royal, Virginia -- I figured that, being close to Washington, it might help with the bug's mission to get to Italy. Alas, it was not to be: I couldn't find the cache. : ( So it returned with me to Japan and is now waiting in one of the local caches for someone else who might be traveling out of Japan. God speed, little buddy!

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I find this TB photo quite amazing:



Just look at their faces... you can see RoadRunner was "told" to stand in the photo, and he is reluctantly doing so, and Coyote ..just look at the smirk on his face.


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Dorris the Cow TB At the Cows Store in PEI


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