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Your Cache Hounds

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This is my geodog Brandy, she is a English Springer Spaniel (16yrs old)


She always gets excited when she sees me touch the gpsr or PDA.




Brandy on my tailgate ready togo


a wet and happy geodog




searching for the cache




cooling off after long hike



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This is Daisy, my bluetick coonhound. Since she turned out to not really care about racoons too much, I'm going to start taking her out to cache with me.




Here's Fletch, he's a dalmation mix that we rescued a few years ago. This dog is smart as can be, and listens really well. My wife is an obedience instructor and uses him to do demonstrations with. Since he can also jump on to the roof of most regular cars, she decided to enter him in agility competitions.




And this is Mickey, my squirrel dog. He found a cache before I did the first time that I took him out with us. He may be small, but he thinks that he about 180 pounds.



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A few weeks ago, my dog of 14 years stopped eating her regular food. We swapped her to tastier stuff and she resumed eating. She stopped again and we took her to the vet. Her bloodwork was perfect and her breathing and heart sounded fine, so we brought her home and got her tastier wet food. After a day or two, she stopped eating that, too.


Back to the vet, we went. More bloodwork and a full body CT revealed nothing wrong. On a whim, our vet ordered a chest x-ray. He was shocked to find darkened lungs. We threw her on antibiotics to treat possible pneumonia (even though her breathing was fine) and ruled it out in a couple of days.


He did a needle biopsy to see what was in there and sent the slides for cytology. On my way to the vet from work on Friday, I got the call from my vet. Malignant. By the time I got to the vet's, she was laboring to breathe.


I had to put Darby the Wonder Pup down.

I just ran across this old pic of my pup.


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