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Altoona Ia Area ....


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I am looking for one of those cool badges for my hiking stick, I dont have a credit card so cant order one online :laughing: ...if anyone around the Altoona area has an extra one, or one they would like to sell please email me.

I dont know if this is the right place for this, but I figure its the best place to ask local geocachers.


Thanks, tonyaltn.

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:o Yay, yeah thats what it is!

This one----> http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....=4&ProductID=53


I guess I forgot the proper name for it...my bad :D


Send me an email ... tonyaltn@msn.com ... let me know how to get it from ya, and how much you want for it, I have cash if your local. Or I can email ya my phone #. I will be out & about the next couple days looking for the "In too deep" cache by MasterCacher that seems to driving me crazy...so maybe we could just meet somewhere since I will be out anyway.


Thanks, tonyaltn.



Edit: I guess I wont be looking for that one, I know where it is...so I guess its off to Yellow Banks for a couple hunts, I have a 3 page list of caches I want to search for in the next few days. :D

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Thanks BlueDeuce, I have a beautiful hiking stick and cant wait to see what it looks like on it. Now I suppose it will be my greeting stick, lol ... since I have never met any other geocachers in my area that means they dont know me, so if I see anyone with a GPSr looking like they are waiting for me to leave thinking Im a muggle I can just make sure the medallion faces them...sort of a secret greeting in a way...I guess...maybe...heck, I dont know...just a thought ;) .


;) <---- The Unknown Cacher, hehehe

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Just holding up my gps and kinda 'wiggling' at them works for me.


If they still give me that 'what the?' look, I hold it waaaay up so they are looking at it


then with my other hand I whack them in the back of the head. That takes care of any questions :lol:

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