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Best Bluetooth Gps And Mapping Software

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I have a Dell Axim X51v and want to add Bluetooth GPS and mapping software for use in driving. I've sort of narrowed it down to Dell's offering which uses NavTeq mapping or Garmin GPS 10 with the City Select mapping software. I want the one with best mapping and, particularly, POI detail for truckstops, fueling locations, and repair facilities. I'm concerned that NavTeq says it offers only 1M+ POI's while Garmin offers 7M+. As an aside :antenna: , I will also use the unit for geocaching.


I'd appreciate any experience with this setup and what GPS and software you'd recommend. I'm not locked in on either of these two, so feel free to offer alternatives.



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POI's are important and Garmin does have a good assortment of POIs. Note that Garmin uses the Navteq map data and most likely they have merged the POI database from Navteq to what ever third party POI database Garmin is using.


The garmin software mapping is functional and seems to show enough detail. The best thing about having a PDA and GPS is that you could purchase some other nav software to try. You can even download Mapopolis and maps for trial. You also have a choose of TomTom, Pharos GPS and a hand full of others. I run Garmin, TomTom and Mapopolis on one unit.


As far as the GPS 10 Bluetooth unit, I like it. It supports WAAS and is reliable. IF you run the Garmin que software, it puts the GPS 10 into Garmin binary mode. To use other GPS applications, you will have to place it back to NMEA mode.


Lots of people like the Holux GPS with the SiRFIII GPS chipset. The SiRF III GPS chip set has been regarded one of the best and most sensitive consumer GPS solution. Check out GPSPassion for various articles on bluetooth GPS.


As for Geocaching, the above applications will work to get you to the area. However, doing the detailed hunt they may suffer.


There are other application that are made for geocaching. They are:


BackCountryNavigator - Allows for scanned/satellite Topo maps, GPX import and some management functions.


BeeLineGPS - I'm partial to this application since I developed it. It is specifically for the hunt and cache management. It will allows you to download GPX files, view the cache details and logs in HTML and has many features found in a traditional GPS handheld. It also takes advantage of the higher resolution of the 51v. It does not have detail road maps, but it will show your tracks in both North up and Course up orientations. It will also allow you to manage the cache using the Waypoint Manager or on the map using various tap-and-hold menu options.


GPSTuner - This application will allows you to download scanned maps and calibrate them. It will also allow you to import GPX files and other various items.

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There are less expensive GPS Options for Pocket PC than Dell and Garmin, and they generally use the same .


Try a place like BuyGPSNow.


I would reccommend a Bluetooth GPS with Sirf III. But a Compact Flash GPS would also work fine with your device.


BackCountry Navigator (which I work on), is good if you like Topo and Aerial views. The bundled software may be better if you want street maps and routing.

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Considering City Select list for something like $120 and the GPS 10 package from Amazon is $199, I bought the GPS 10 package and figured I got a GPS for $80. Not too bad really. I use it on iPaq 4350 and it works great. I haven't had the GPS 10 tell me it can't find the satellites even once and we live in some heavily wooded areas.



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I've got an X50 with a Holux GPSlim 236. I could not imagine being happier with a GPS receiver than I am with the Bluetooth Holux. Its a great GPS.


As for software, I used to use Streets and Trips (I guess I still do, really) but it wouldn't be my recommendation unless you are very low on $. You can't get directions, and you can't find anything based on proximity. It can connect to your GPS, but all it can do after that is show you where you are. I'm considering Mapopolis, the trial map I downloaded looked really good.

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I have had a Dell x51v for a couple of months and for Christmas got an Oncourse BT-339 GPS receiver and iGuidance mapping software. I love this combination of iGuidance and the BT-339 as it has already paid for itself on a trip I was forced to take to D.C. just after Christmas. The iGuidance advantages include lots of POIs, very good and quick routing, low price (~$100), and ease-of-use. The BT-339 is also quick to start, has a 12+ hour battery life and is small and light.


I'm also trying out BeelineGPS and really like it too so far. I've found 2 caches with it already and if I keep this up I will certainly buy a copy before too long.

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I have a similar set up. Dell Axim x50v with BT339 and I-Guidance. I have had good luck with both navigation and I have been geocaching with it. I just started looking at Beeline to help with paperless management. I have no complaints with my set up except sometimes I-Guidance tries to do the U-turn correction to often.

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