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Caches Along The M4


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Depending on which terminal you are heading to, this one is just off the M25 at J14, just one junction from the M4. You don't even need to get out of the car.

GCK9TW County Compass - South (Bucks) by Happy Hippo (1/1)


We also picked off one not too far from the M4 on our way back to Devon from London. If you come off at J13 and go back on at J12 (or vice-versa), it's a nice little break from motorway speeds. You can park very very close.

GCQBHG The River Pang Series - Bucklebury Ford by The Cache Hoppers (2/1)


There are also The Doomed Villages and Cranebank Trolls which are near Heathrow. I've not done them, but if you need to kill some time waiting for a delayed plane maybe, these will leave you close enough to the airport to dash back quickly if need be.

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Small village called West End - a few miles from Woking. I know there are a few around there as I did print out information last year but didn't have time to do them.

We did one of the canal caches at Hungerford on our way back last year as well as Silo Common.

Thanks again to all who posted information, we can work our way through them.

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