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Oldest Cacher


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He may not be the oldest...but he sure is my favorite "old guy". Pamarler turns 70 this summer.


Here he is violating all the rules finding the anniversary cache we hid for Ma and Pa.




This one looks fun. Where is it?


It was on the beach near silver strand in california. As it was an anniversary gift, we didn't publish it. If we had tried to publish it, it would not have been approved....


1. no logbook

2. contained booze

3. was buried

4. temporary vacation cache


They were all grins even though they didn't get a yellow smilie for it.

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I had my 89-year old Dad out geocaching several times in the last couple of weeks.



We're heading off to ON this summer and are hoping to take my 86 year old mom out geocaching. We've been talking alot about it with her and will of course ply her with icecream along the way.

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For a lighter topic,


Who is the oldest cacher?

January 9th 2007, the day after tomorrow, I will celebrate my 85th birthday. I have found (including events) 2,435 caches Eager looking foward to as many more!


WoW, and I thought I was doing well. I will be 82 in April and now have about 1600 caches and I started in August 2001. Congrats Shirconn. I will no longer brag about being OLD. Dick

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The July, 2005 issue of Bottom Line Tomorrow (a magazine geared toward retirees) had an interview with Bryan Roth of Groundspeak about geocaching (no we're only about halfway to W7WT, my mother-in-law happened to notice it reading the issue at the doctor's office and got permission to bring it home and show us).

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Two years ago I had open heart surgery and the wife had a stroke, So we didn't do much in 2011. I am 87 and my wife Arlene is 86. This year we have found over 2000 caches and should get to 7,000 finds. Our goal is to get 10k before we kick the bucket. dick & arlene Bremerton, WA

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