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Any Topo! Users Here?


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I'm using Topo! 4.0.


1. When you create a profile, you can simply go to File->Print Profile . . . It lets you add a header and then check a box to print in color or grayscale.


2. The easy way is to buy Pocket Topo! for Pocket PC. I use a Palm devise, but don't have Pocket Topo for palm. Another route would be to use Adobe Acobat (full version, not just the reader) to print your map to a .pdf file, and then use Adobe's pocket PC reader to view the image. NG also offers something call Export Pro (or something like that) that allows you to output maps a TIFF files for use in other applications.

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Thanks Alan..


Im using a Garmin Legend. and a few other GPS'rs but mostly the Legend.


Another question I thought up is, Can you upload a new basemap with the NG TOPO! prog? Or do I need to buy a copy of Mapsource too?


Chris KA7CJH Reno,Nv...


GPS'rs Garmin Legend

Garmin Forerunner 201

Magellan 2000 XL (oldschool)

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Note that with NG Pocket PC, you can attach a GPS to the PPC to traack your current position on NG map in the PPC.

Is there a special cable that you use with a PPC? I am using an HP 1910 PPC.

http://pc-mobile.net/ might be one spot. What GPS do you use. Do a search on the web site.

If you're looking for a cable, get one that also has a portion that connects to the car lighter. I have one of those too. This way, while you drive, you can charge the PPC and provide remote power to the Legend so you do not have to use the batteries and still know your location on the PPC. When you arrive at the trailhead, your leave the lighter section and then cache with just the Legend to PPC cable portion.


I would still consider getti ng a separate GPS that fits into the PPC's CF slot if you have one. You don't need the cable which is half the cost of the CF GPS. You don't have to walk around with this cacbnble setup. The PPC/CF GPS combo stands on its own.

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The short answer is, only Garmin maps can be loaded onto Garmin receivers.


The Long Answer . . .


Or find a post by Redwood Mountain Biker.  Rich "wrote the book" on making your own maps. ;)

Thanks for the plug Sputnik! ;)


Chris, here's an FAQ on what types of maps you can and can't transfer to your GPS.


Rich Owings




“We were desert mystics, my friends and I, poring over our maps as others do their holy books.” – Edward Abbey

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Thanks guys,


Now that I can do some of the basic things with this program, Im finding out I like it. But it looks like I might still go out and buy a copy of mapsource just to change the basemap. Unless I can find someone in my area that has it.


I like the detail of the maps, and finding coordinates seems very easy. Even for the newbie.. Anyone want to swap a few Topo! files?


Chris KA7CJH

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Anyone want to swap a few Topo! files?

Trading data is lots of fun. I download quite a bit for every outdoor adventure vacation. Here are some good online sources for waypoints and tracks.


Rich Owings




“We were desert mystics, my friends and I, poring over our maps as others do their holy books.” – Edward Abbey

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Well I have NG TOPO 4.0 Streets and 3D views and while it works in my desktop and recognizes the GPS being connected and shows the live track position of the gps ( stationary because the desktop is stationary ). I have tried everything to get NG topo to recognize the gps on my new laptop. I doesn't say the usb port is beinging used by another application but it just won't show the position of the gps or live track on the NG map on the laptop. I have the correct gps (76cs ) and the usb port are all selected on the NG software but still no live tracking. I have also have Mapsource Topo and streets and trips all loaded on this same computer. This is the first time I have ever tried this combination with a laptop but this live tracking was one reason I wanted a laptop in the first place. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. OS on this laptop is windows XP

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