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An Open Letter To The Washington Geocachin


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Hello friends,


It was three years, three months, and (roughly) three weeks ago that Moun10Bike, BillP3rd, and I called a meeting of local geocachers. This meeting of 19 people became the Washington State Geocaching Association. Since that meeting in September 2002, it has been my privilege to serve as an officer of this organization. I have been President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. For a few months last year, I was all three at once. I've also been the webmaster and listserv moderator. If you've only been geocaching for a couple of years and haven't seen me out there, now you know why!


At the WSGA Puget Sound Chapter Holiday Party, we will announce the 2006 Board of Directors. For the first time, I will not be among them. It was simply time for me to step back and hand over the reins. I am excited to toss my caching bag over my shoulder and head back out to the trails. Rather than simply ride off into the sunset, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a few reflections.


It has really been exciting to see geocaching become the fastest growing sport ever.* When I started geocaching in August 2001, Moun10Bike was just hitting the 100-find mark. That was quite an achievement in those days, since there were only about that many geocaches in all of Washington. My first geocache hide was number 8,480. Now there have been over 325,000 placed. I was the 21,504th user account registered on Geocaching.com. Now there are over half a million!


Being a founder, supporter, and member of our local organization has been a fascinating way to be a part of the game. It has not been easy. There are plenty of tales of how unpopular some of my opinions have been. My hope, though, is that I will be remembered as a board member who always put the game ahead of my own popularity. I always lobbied for what I thought was best for geocaching. Geocaching captured my imagination from the minute I heard of it. I have not lost that excitement and I look forward to keeping that alive.


I would like to thank my fellow officers over the past few years. In particular, I want to tip my hat to Jon Stanley (known to most here as Moun10Bike) because he has been such a loyal supporter of geocaching. More importantly to me personally, he is a good friend; as honest and trustworthy as the day is long. Thanks, Jon. You mean more to me than you know.


Our current board has been a real pleasure with which to work and I feel good about what we can expect in 2006. I will continue to be on hand to support the WSGA and geocaching. I wouldn't even be surprised if I run for office again some day. But until then, I'll just be that guy standing on the chair at the holiday party. Thank you very much for letting me serve you these past 39 months. Long live geocaching and the WSGA. I'll see you on the trail.





*I'm sure that it is although I have not seen (nor sought) any data that could challenge that notion.


P.S. In case you missed it, a link to my holiday cartoons.

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