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Microsoft Streets And Trip

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I was at Target today and saw Microsoft Streets and Trip. I think they wanted $130 for it with the GPS antenna. I have a Lowrance iFinder Hunt, but haven't found a cable to connect it to my laptop.


We are taking a trip here in Jan, and would like a little better direction than what the iFinder offers. I'd like to have the auto-routing and as far as I have searched, the iFinder does not offer it with the MapCreate Topo software.


Would the Streets and Trip be worth the purchase? (of course I found it cheaper on eBay).

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You would be better off the buy the software without the GPS. I think you can get it at Costco for about $15.00 after a rebate. If 4X4 sees this thread he might know were to get a cable. You might call Lowrance and ask them about a data cable.


Edit to add:


Lowrance has a Data cable part number PC-D15 @ $34.95


Lowaranc Accessories

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The PC-DI5 mentioned above is for an earlier (non-waterproof) iFinder. The correct cable for the waterproof models (Hunt/Pro/H2O) is PC-DI7, LEI part number 119-04. Can be had from Lowrance and many other vendors:




If you can plan and print out your routes beforehand (as I usually do), you really don't need the cable or the MS software. I find Google Maps and Google Earth fill most of my computer-based mapping needs these days. I even use GPS Babel to load waypoints and other data directly to my Lowrance iFinder's SD card - haven't used MapCreate in some time.


If you really want real-time mapping and routing on your laptop, then MS-S&T is a pretty good program - but be sure to have a navigator. I find it pretty hard to use a laptop while driving ;)

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I use S&T, but without an attached GPS. As others have mentioned, you can get a copy without the GPS for less thena $20.


I use it for caching maps. You can export a set of cache coordinates from GSAK and import them as pushpins in S&T. You can do the same now with Goolge earth.


I also use S&T to create routes for filtering caches in GSAK. That's a topic of it's own that'sbeen discussed several times, so I'll skip the details. But S&T works very well with GSAK for finding caches along a route that you are traveling.

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