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Does Any Of Your Kids?

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Just a question here... was wondering if any of your kids geocache and like it as much as you... our 12 year old son does and even wants to have his own ID on geocaching... does anyone out there know of any other kids with ids?

Our 17 year old daughter Dani caches under her own ID, our 7 & 6 year olds just go under ours.

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My daughter and I started as "The Leprechauns," intending on finding lots of caches together when she is with me. But it soon turned into something I liked doing by myself, when she is with her mother. So, I now have a thousand-something more finds than my daughter does. Earlier in the year, she set up her own account and retro-logged about 250 or so finds. She's 11 years old and I think that having her write a separate log is good writing experience for her. It was amazing how much she remembered about her prior finds.

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I geocache with both my sons ages 4 and 8 and my 8 year old has his own gps. I was geocaching under the name Ladycacher and my son requested for his own account. Instead of me having to log for him and me, I decided to add him to my name. Ladycacher & Boys is what I go by now. When he gets older I will change us to a team or give him his own account.

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Maybe a little bit grown-up, but I started caching when I was 16-years old with a couple of friends. Now, a year later, and 18 years old, I have over 400 finds. I guess that's not too shabby. I credit it to parents believing I should have a certain level of harmless freedom and a lot of trust -- and also getting an early seniors license due to my impeccable record. ;)

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My now 9 year daughter has been caching with me on and off since I started. A few months back she got her own ID and I went back and logged the caches she had done with me. As od December 5th, 2004, she doesn't enjoy caching as much as she used to, due to my vehicle sinking to the axles into clay while on a 45 minute hike, about a mile in on a 4X4 only accessable CLOSED road with no hope of a tow truck even being able to get to us.


She does still cache with me occasionally, though, especially when I assure her there are paved parking lots. Currently she has 61 finds to my 300 and some (and was quite excited about hitting 60). Turns out she remember how many finds she has and what find # each cache will be when we go out, and looks forward to hitting new "milestones" every 10 caches.


She also likes to go if I can take my nephew along (they are the same age), if I'm willing to take one or more of her friends along, or in Canada, if my brother (her favorite uncle) goes along.


And there's the lure of finding new toys in the caches...

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We took our girls (ages 15, 11 & 7) for the first time last September. I was a bit too excited and planned a full day of geocaching, with 10 caches on our list. We found all 10, with no DNF's! My wife and I really enjoyed it, and we thought the kids did too. Unfortunately, 10 must have been too many because they haven't wanted to go again since. They are just now getting the urge again, so we're going to go soon. However, the made me promise only 4 caches or less at one time. LOL! Oh, well! Hopefully they'll catch the bug like their mom and I!! ;)




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Our oldest loves to go geocaching. Since she's only 5, she's not interested in setting up an account on her own (yet). But anytime we're caching, she has the GPS in her hand, following the arrow. As she gets older we'll start explaining more about how the GPS and Geocaching.com works, but for now it's worth to see the smile on her face when we find the cache and she gets her "treasure".

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The 007 in Freebee & 007 is a 10yr old.

He loves it !

His computer skills are superior to mine with GSAK, Cachemate,etc.

He has his own palm Z22, we share the Mag.Map330.

I do not allow him to read or post on the forums..just a personal thing.

There may be a children's / young adult only forum somewhere.

If we find one I would allow him to become a part of that community.

Perhaps a children's only area here would be an idea?? :rolleyes:

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my 9 yo daughter loves it especialy if we go with some geo freinds that have kids too. My 3yo on loves it too but more fore seeing the bugs and flowers and spending time with dad(not that im complaneing) Little hint for getting them hooked make the first ones real easy both to find and to get to. Alos make shure to have tons of juce boxes and snacks and you should be golden.



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My 9 year old son loves to cache and honestly, he's the one that finds 90% of them. He loves to bushwack so me and him (and the lab) have a ball. I fixed up a backpack for him with trades, maps, snacks and a drink and he loves it.


My 13 year old daughter is not quite so fond of it. She likes them when they are easy and close to the parking lot! Hiking isn't her thing (although she goes with us).


Th lab...caching is the BEST if you ask him :rolleyes:

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Since we started Geocaching in Sept 2004, My now (year old daughter and I have been known as Team SaguaroAstro. Since Santa got her an E-Trex this Christmas, The young half of Team SaguaroAstro became AZdancergirl.


I don't see any problem with kids having theri own GC ID's if they want. The only caveat I have with my daughter is that the email on record for her account is mine.



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My 8 year old rarely admits to wanting to go caching, but always has a great time when we go. The 4 year old will jump up and down and do the happy dance if we ask 'Who wants to go caching?'.


Both of my boys have their own GeoAccount's but any logging that gets done on them is up to me. Lost One (the 8 year old) always wants to know how many caches he's found, but never wants to sit down and log his finds. I don't worry about Lil' Lost One's find count so he mainly only has attended logs on events.


We have also taken all of our nephew's and neice caching and gotten their parents involved. It's definitly a family sport for us.

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My 4 and 5 year old sons go caching with me all the time. They are troopers. I took them on a killer hike one time...3 miles up the hill, and three miles back. Another time, we misjudged the light and ended up walking for about 90 minutes through a pitch black open space preserve by flashlight. They treat it all as an adventure. The older one carries a backpack with their drinks and snacks and they each have a pouch of trade items and a hiking stick. Lately, the younger one is the one who has been requesting to go hiking/caching.




Oh, they have their own id too....lil checkers

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My 8 year old is the reason I got into geocaching. I love to go hiking in the woods. He has always resisted that because we are not doing anything or really going anywhere. Now he has reason and motive to go. He has been a great help finding the caches because I'm still trying to figure out the gps! ;)

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On January 17, 2006 I will mark my 1st aniversary in geocaching. I cache 98% of the time with 3 of my 4 girls....ages 4,6 and 7. They each have their own mini backpack w/safety whistle (includes watertight compartment with vital info in case of separation), water bottle, snacks, flashlight, rain poncho and change of clothes for longer hikes. I started the pack with only the snack and whistle and built up the weight gradually.. I have found that they do not like "hikes" but do not mind "walking" 6 miles, so as long as I am careful with my wording and allow them to rest alot we have a blast. My husband seldom joins us and my 16 year old has come a handful of times. My kids do not have separate user names but do yell "There's a good place for a cache" when we drive by some places _funny thing is that a couple of times there are already caches in their places of choice.


couldn't figure out how to post picture of girls with packs..feel free to check out my gallery to see.


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