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If You Could Afford Anything.....

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It may be a big unit, but what it does is amazing.




It runs windows, has wireless internet, and is subfoot accurate. Of course I'd get anything else it needed.


On a more down to earth level, money no object, I'd get several GPS's for different things. A new Lowrance color unit for caching, an I-way for driving, and an AirMap 2000c or Garmin 396 for flying.

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Magellan Gold, 512mb SD card, Mapsend Direct Route North America, MS-Mappoint, Palm m500, GSAK, A/C and ciggy adapter, serial to USB converter, 3 dozen 2500maH rechargable AA batteries, a Thinkpad T42p laptop, satellite up/down link strapped to the roof of the trusty Buick Cache-mobile and eight Sears Diehard batteries in the trunk.


Better make that TWO Magellan Golds, one for sure will croak at the most inopportune time.

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Garmin 60CSx with all the software (topo, streets, etc), Delorme XMap Professional with all the datasets i want (I really like mapping!), Hot new PDA to have paperless maps in hand. Enough non-working hours to figure it all out & use it. I'll still keep my trusty Meridian handy for when the 60CSx needs newer firmware, etc.


A Gecko for my wife so she will stop breaking the old Etrex Venture, and I can stop fixing it (used almost only for "miles walked").

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