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How Do You Hide A Webcam Cache?

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These are special categories of caches that ask the seeker to find a pre-existing item to log. We are no longer accepting new Virtual Caches, Webcam Caches, Reverse Virtual Caches, or Earth Caches. Caches which existed before August of 2005 have been allowed to remain as grandfathered caches.


Yes, but what about those that were accepted after August?! B)

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The listing guidelines were rewritten in early August, in the expectation that Waymarking.com would be released for all members sometime that month. Instead, the new site was available to premium members only, until November 2nd. So, webcams and virtuals were available cache types up to November 2nd. I forgot to bump forward the date in the guidelines text at that time, when the new version was published on the website. Think of August to November as a bonus period for webcams. B)

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