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The Fraher Family Geocoin

The Fraher Family

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Oh, so this is an advertisement.


Hmmm...isn't that against guidelines here?


Your post is confusing and needs re-wrote without the GCC information if your wanting to give info about your coin.

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Why can't you post up a picture here?


B) Honestly I don't know how? B)

To post a pic in these forums you need to first upload the image somewhere on the internet. You can just upload an image to one of your old geocache logs if you don't mind the pic popping up on your log for awhile.


To get it to appear in a reply:

>click the IMG Button while posting a response.

>A box with pop-up requesting that you input a URL for an image

>Input the URL of your image,(if you don't know it...open the log that you have the pic in, in a different web browser and right-click>select properties...the URL will be in there)

>Click OK


Here's a pic from your gallery I got by the above method:



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I am amazed at the overwhelming responses... WOW! B)


Like I stated the coins will not be for sale until late January, when they do they will go on sale I will post purchasing information.


For trading purposes details yet to come...


Thank you all for your interests, see ya after the New Year! B)


The Fraher Family

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