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Gpsmap 60c And Mac Os 10

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YES!! I've heard of GPSBabel and Virtual PC. I don't know a whole lot about either, just a little research. GPSBabel supposedly translates the files so that all can read. Virtual PC is a Mac program that acts like Windows. What I've heard is that is basically fools the programs into thinking your Mac is actually a PC. :rolleyes:

If anyone else knows anything about these programs PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!

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I have MacGPS Pro and the Ohio maps on a DVD. I think it will be great if you want to use a portable Mac with a GPSr. But I don't think it will work very well to put maps on a PDA, at least as far as I have been able to figure out thus far. And even if one could get a map image into, say, a Palm, the Palm/GPSr would then have to work with the map and I don't think there is Palm software to do that.

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I'm confused. From what I read on the site, you could take maps (even ones that are scanned in) calibrate coordinates on them and you can plot waypoints on the software which can then be downloaded onto your GPSr...


I have an eTrex Yellow, so I couldn't load maps if I wanted, but if I could download a route or track I created from within MacGPS Pro and be able to download it onto my etrex, I would be more than happy.

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I'm not certain, but I think there are about a half dozen different questions being asked and answered in this thread...


GPSBabel isn't in the map biz. It does do tracks, waypoints, and routes. You could perhaps use it under VPC, but since there's a perfectly lovely Mac version called, cleverly enough, MacGPSBabel that works directly with even the USB on the 60, it seems a distraction. (It's free, but when you click that donate button, mention that it's for Mac use to eartag that for further Mac development and support...)


Getting scanned maps into a GPS (of any brand, mac or pc...) isn't a trivial task. Rich Owens has a book on it. It can be done, but you have to want the maps pretty badly to take this approach.


GPSBabel will read routes created on google maps and allow you to convert those to a route to use on your GPS. Again, it's not a very pointy clicky operation.

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I'm about to buy a 60c, and like many other mac users have little use for windows based PC's.

It's my understanding that software such as GPSbabel & Mac GPSpro will work for waypoints, but not for loading maps from a map source or city select cd.

The only options I've read about for map loading are using VPC, or a windows pc.

My experience with VPC has been iffy at best and I wouldn't waste my money on it.

I have access to a pc so as a last resort I could use it for the maps.

That being said, I'm new to all of this so any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not certain, but I think there are about a half dozen different questions being asked and answered in this thread...

yes, you are skimming along the surface of what its like to be in the mac community. Not only do we have to learn the ins and outs of new software and the most efficient way to use them, but we also have to make sure they play nice with our toys.


Don't get me wrong, though, I've been a mac user for years and don't ever expect to switch again. (Although its times like these I wish I had a cheap PC to tool around with.)

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I haven't done anything with maps, but I love GPSBabel for the simple task of taking a PQ or .loc file and transferring all of the geocache coordinates to the GPSr. (I'm in Linux, btw, so I feel the Mac User Pain, sometimes magnified. Linux GPSBabel is command-line only :antenna: ).


One line does it all:


sudo gpsbabel -i geo -f Desktop/geocaching.loc -o garmin -F /dev/ttyUSB0


All of the new points immediately pop up on the map. :angry:

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Howdy ........ I'm a noobie to the site & to geocaching, and am glad to run across THIS thread. I too have been plagued by Fevers, hives & "patchy" hair loss trying to figure out how to Add maps to my GPSMAP 60 and upload/download waypoints & tracks to my iMac. ;)

So far, it sounds like it's between MacGPS Babel and MacGPS pro ...... I really hope we get some more feedback soon! ... I'm running out of hair ... :laughing:

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Bought MacGPS Pro today...I think I'm going to start a support group.


Transferring waypoints and tracks seems easy enough. Calibrating maps from say Google (which I have been using exclusively) will make you impotent. First it asks you to standardize the map, ok, fine I use the center point. Then it asks you for coords on the map to calibrate it. In Google Maps, I can't think of a way of clicking to a point and having it spit out coords.


I would love to get my hands on some maps (the TOPO! series is looking good right now), be able to click vector paths and have them download to my etrex.


Please don't tell me I have to spend more money...

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I've had major frustration using VPC and a serial adapter with my Garmin Rino 130. Tried a firmware update one time... it stalled and left the unit disabled requiring a return to the factory. Cannot recommend VPC for this!


The serial adapter (Keyspan) works great without VPC however, connected directly to the Mac or to a windows PC. I now "borrow" a windows unit for all firmware updates.


I've sent an email to Dr. Larry James, author of Mac GPS Pro suggesting he join this discussion to answer question which have come up. Hopefully we'll hear from him in a day or two.


By the way.... Happy New Year to everyone!


MagicTogether - Alaska :lol:

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I had great luck using my 60Cs with VPC. THe trick is you have to use a pda adapter (usb to serial).


Not the fastest set up but it works well enough.

What software are you using in VPC to talk to the 60cs? GSAK? MapSource? Something else?


I have MapSource City Select (came with my GPS V). I borrowed a friend's 60cs today, but it won't work with maps from my City Select... what's up with that?


Anyway, I really want to upgrade, but I want to know what'll work with my Mac so I can buy wisely. Specifically, I'm looking for a way to download points of interest and routable maps into my new GPSR. Currently I use MapSource on a PC at work for that, but I do have VPC and would prefer to do this all at home.



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Hey guys,

Being a newbie to Geochaching, but not to '.... this is a PC only thing ...' I wanted to add my current findings. I'm using Tiger 10.4.3 on my G4. I just got a Garmin - Foretrex 201 unit for Christmas. Of course it came with the Serial adaptor to which I thought I was hosed from the begining however the mac community comes through again.


First lets review the issues to which a newbie has to over come:

1) Physical connection of GPS unit to the Mac.

2) Software that allows the management of data on the device. From what I've been reading there are levels to which this is taken to. Basic, being able to upload waypoints into your device so you don't have to input by hand. To advance, being able to overlay maps into your device while managing Tacks, and Routes and having a real time display on your computer.

3) [optional] Paperless set up. (that's my next hurdle for my treo 650)


My findings For:

Area 1) - A lot of resources out there have mentioned Keyspan adaptor. Haven't gotten it, but maybe should of seeked it out at Fry's. However I did buy a $20 USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter from Cables Unlimited to which I recommond NOT TO BUY EVER or at least for your GPS unit. Since there are two possible failure points, the hardware or software, to which I where both new I didn't know which may of been failing.


I downloaded the Mac SimpleGPS and GPS connect. When I tried to import or open a .loc file from geocaching.com to GPS connect it did NOT recognize the file as a valid file. However using Mac SimpleGPS it did and opened the file fine, more about this in Area 2.


However last night a friend had a IOGear USB to Serial Adapter. I know the brand and have trusted it before. So I barrowed it and installed the drivers and used its cable.... BING-GO! When I ran Mac SimpleGPS it was able to connect to the device and download the waypoints from it.


Conclusion for an adaptor - Spend the extra $$ for a named brand.


Area 2) Software package. Like I said since I just got this up and running I haven't had time to really look and play with the other software packages out there. However I assume I'll adapt to one that suits my needs at the moment which is a very simple way to download and track the waypoints. My wife loves hiking and camping in the national forest areas so I'm sure I'll be using the tracks and routes soon enough. Map overlays not sure about.


Area 3) Paperless.... can someone mark a waypoint for me :ph34r:

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Nice summary. Maybe the rest of us can build on the experience and this thread can be a running catalog.


My setup:


Ti Powerbook G4 1Ghz

Garmin Etrex Yellow

Keyspan 19-HS (the newest one)

also standard serial to usb that came with an old Palm



Mac OS X 10.3.9

MacGPS Pro

PDA apps:





TOPO! Nat'l. Geographic Regional Maps



Garmin GPS 60cs or 60cx

Route 66


OK, as I mentioned before on this thread and others, I just want to be able to plan my trips, make waypoints and especially tracks from maps obtained online (preferably free ones, i.e. Google Maps) and download them onto my etrex. Of secondary concern is being able to back up saved tracks and waypts. MacGPS Pro gets me about halfway there. It up/downloads tracks and waypoints flawlessly. But if you want to make tracks easily on your desktop, you're going to have to open up your wallet some more. Although the app claims it can take maps from any source, calibrate it and use it for your own purposes, it is a very finicky proposition. Often the information it asks of you the help the app calibrate maps are not easily obtained. I'm hoping the TOPO! maps will help remedy the situation.


I use the Keyspan USB Serial adapter to connect my etrex to my mac. The palm adapter is not recognized (at least with MacGPS Pro).


To go paperless fife, I would download Cachemate. Then download MacCMConvert which takes .gpx files and enables it to be read in Cachemate...

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I hope I can learn from this discussion. I have a Mac G4 with latest OS, a Palm Treo 650, MacGPSPro, the TOPO maps and GeoNiche on the Palm. The Palm also has TomTom Navigator 5.12, which worked great and got us to the Cincy area for a family gettogether. I would like to get TOPO maps on the Palm and be able to overlay caches, current location, etc. but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.


Today was a fun day, however. We found our first cache using GeoNiche on the Palm and the TomTom GPSr. Great fun! What I'd like to figure out now (at least until I figure out the TOPO on Palm problem) is how to get to the general location of the cache using a map picture with roads, towns, etc, on the Palm and then switch to GeoNiche, which shows the direction, distance, lat/long, etc. This would be possible using TomTom Navigator if that software would allow one to input, even manually, the lat/long of the cache. It will allow input of a street address but not a lat/long, at least as far as I have been able to figure out thus far.


How do you guys do that?

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