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Christmas Day Rescue

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The weather was probably the best of the year, so we decided to do a little Christmas caching between lunch and dinner today. Truly great day to be outside.


We were at this cache,




when we saw this smallish dog about 50 yards away, standing on top of a hill. It was frozen, just staring at us. I'm always cautious around random dogs wandering in the wild, I just kneeled on the ground, not wanting to scare him. When I did, he started limping towards me, but as quick as he could. Up walked the cutest, friendliest little dog you've ever seen. He didn't have a collar of any kind, and was obviously hungry. We pet him and started walking back to the car, and I noticed my wife starting to cry. She had been a little emotional earlier in the day due to missing her mom, who died during the holidays a couple of years ago. That coupled with the sight of this sad little dog had caused her to get upset, but, knowing that my wife cries during Charmin commercials, we were laughing a few minutes later and on to the next cache.


While hunting the next one, it was obvious her mind was not on the mission, but on the little critter. While I assured her the dog probably lived nearby, she pointed out there wasn't any houses remotely close to him, and to his rough state, meant he was abandoned or missing, and subsequently starving. I pointed out the dog probably wouldn't even be around when we drove back by.


Not the case. As we're returning home we turn the corner on the ol' dirt backroad, and there he is sitting on the side of the road, as if he were waiting for us. I look over at ol' girl, and you guessed it, here come the tears!


You know what happened next, right?


There's a freshly, washed, fed, and watered dog in the spare kennel in my office. The first thing we're going to do is take him to the vet tomorrow, get his shots and have them look at his gimpy leg. Next, we're going to run an ad in local Peddler paper about the missing dog and where he was found, and hope an owner comes forward. I worry that he's been missing a while. If I can't locate his owner, I'll have to find a good home for him. We already have 3 dogs, and we weren't looking for a new one, but we can take care of him as long as needed.


We gave him a (temporary?) name of Sirus Jones, from a Dave Matthews song we were listening to at the time.




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Except that Siruis is a bit smaller, he looks like my Kip. Kip was dumped off in a park near Smithtown, Long Island. We drove from the Buffalo, NY area to go get her from their pound.


We loved her, and I think she loved us, but there were times she would sit on the part of our front lawn that overlooks the road and stare down it, waiting...waiting... We always wondered who would dump a grown dog whose heart was so big and forgiving that she still would wait for her own folk to come back for her.


She died from cancer about a year and a half ago. We miss her still.


Hope someone misses him.

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What a great story.


Please email or PM me your address.


I'm going to drop a Limited Edition Canine Cachers Coin in the mail for you.

I made these especially for dog-friendly FTF's, etc. but this is absolutely deserving.


And please do send it to me. Otherwise I'll just find somebody that knows you and get it anyway! B)

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If it was someone's dog, you should try to make sure they get it back, if possible.


Nothing would make me happier than to reunite him with his owner. The closest animal shelter from where we found him is over 30 miles, but we had plan on talking to them. And again, we're posting an ad in a local paper. Maybe he just got lost, and someone is looking for him.


Unfortunately, he has some signs of abuse. He's very skiddish and cowering when he gets near, and gets scared very easily from loud noises. Hopefully this is just how he acts in new surroundings.


Whatever happens, he's in a better place now. His vet appointment is in the morning. More pictures to come.

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Only you and Shondra would have this kind of experience GHH!!! ... well, not really. I had the same happen to me sorta, chasing your Cementary Series. I came across 2 pups while driving to the last stage. They were still on the side of the road when I came out. I stopped to give them all of the dog treats I had. I was driving away and one of them was chasing me down the road. I stopped. Backed up. Picked them up after they ate and dropped them off at the animal shelter in Henderson (the one located across from 2 other caches of yours in the park). It was difficult but I have 2 already and there was no way it was gonna work at the homestead if I walked in with 2 more pups. ... It'll work out. B)

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Aww... sweet of you to take that guy in. You may want to look up the Labrador Retreiver rescue organization in your area and see if they know this guy... rescue groups often get contacted when purebred dogs go missing. Plus, if you can't find his owner, they should be able to help you find a great new home for him.


If you can't locate a Lab rescue or have any other questions, drop me an e-mail... I'm with a national Springer Spaniel group, and some of our Texas folks might know the Lab people out your way.


Oh, and Merry Christmas!


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Be very careful, I picked up a stray kitten a couple of months ago. Cleaned him up, took him to the vet, started to look for a home for him...his majesty now owns our home! I found a home for his brother, but when the time came, I couldn't let the little fuz ball go. Our 75 pound dog thinks it is his pet. Good luck and god bless.

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Funny how fate happens. This lil' guy needed a friend and there you guys where!

Two years ago when returning from a trip to Canada, our luggage got lost. We had to hang around the airport for 2 hours waiting for it to arrive on the next flight. We all ready had one dog, Kiera who was at the kennel waiting for us. As it was getting late, I left my hubby at the airport and drove over to pick up my baby. We were enjoying a rare treat of Carl's Jr. (she will walk on water for a cheeseburger, and only gets them maybe once or twice a year) when we noticed this dog running all over the palce, it was being chased by about 4 or 5 people. We sat back to watch and see if we could help.

Well, that darn dog ran right out into the middle of a very busy street. Luckily the motorists stopped when they saw her! She turned her head, look right at me, cocked her head and bee-lined it to my truck. She didnt even bat an eye but jumped up into the passenger seat and laid down.

To say I was shocked was an understantement! The people chasing her approached me and accused me of letting my dog run loose and threatened to call the SPCA on me. I explained that I had been out of the country for the last 10 days and showed my reciept from the kennel for 1 dog. They calmed down and asked If I could take her to the pound since 3 of them where still working and the other two obviously didnt want a dirty dog in their cars. So I said Iwould bring her to the pound in the morning since I knew a few of the employees out there.

Yeah, now she sleeps on my feet and plays with her big sister. It was meant to be for us, she keeps my other dog company and has fit right in. I did try to find her owner. She had some pretty nasty scars on her neck and had just had sutures removed so I even checked with the Vets around town, no luck. Shes ours now and is an absolute angel (mostly)

Kudos to those who do for those who cannot do for themselves!

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Hope to see some updates in here soon.


Well here you go!


Sirus is back and resting well from his strenuous trip to the vet. He weighs 48 lbs and is around a year old or so. He's part lab and part something else. (lovable mutt) His visit to the doggie doctor included:

* Bath & dip. (they got the ticks we didn't find. He was covered!)

* All shots (Rabies, DHLPP, kennel cough)

* Nail trim

* Heartworm & lyme disease test ( initial screening is negative- final results in 72 hrs)

* He has a bad case of hookworms. We got medicine for that.

* He also has ear infections in both ears. We got ear goop for that as well.

* Doc said limp wasn't serious, but if it continues to bring him back for an x-ray. Wasn't sure about this diagnosis... :laughing:


He was a champ through all the poking and prodding. He's really starting to liven up everyday, primarily due to plenty of food, water, and attention.


An ad is coming out in the classified paper this weekend, and I've put a note up at the local pet store bulletin board. The lady at the animal shelter wasn't very helpful when I called ("So what do you want? Do you want to drop him off?" No!) so I'm going over there tomorrow to speak to someone with a few more active brain cells.


He's such a cool dog- he deserves a great home. Unfortunately our 100 lb baby Maximus the weimeraner has a definite alpha-dog complex, and he's not warming up to Sirus yet. If I'm ever able to find his owner, I'll have to sneak him out while Shanda is at work, cause she won't be able to handle the goodbye. She's already buying toys (Maximus does NOT share HIS toys) and you know what that means!





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Maybe Sirus is microchipped?


We asked the vet about this. They said they could tell if he had a chip or not, but could not guarantee they could read it. (does my vet have outdated canine technology?) Sirus didn't have one.


Thanks for mentioning that. We're discussing microchipping all our dogs now.

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Maybe Sirus is microchipped?


We asked the vet about this. They said they could tell if he had a chip or not, but could not guarantee they could read it. (does my vet have outdated canine technology?) Sirus didn't have one.


Thanks for mentioning that. We're discussing microchipping all our dogs now.

Great idea. Our two boys are chipped.

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Maybe Sirus is microchipped?


We asked the vet about this. They said they could tell if he had a chip or not, but could not guarantee they could read it. (does my vet have outdated canine technology?) Sirus didn't have one.


Thanks for mentioning that. We're discussing microchipping all our dogs now.

Not necessarily. There's two or three major chip manufacturers, and unfortunately most common chip-readers will not give the information from all types of chips (though they DO all register the presence of a chip, as your vet said.)

Since the one chipreader I've heard about that might give info for all the major types of chips is extremely expensive, most vets will purchase the chipreader for only one or two chip-types and hope for the best.

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Animal shelters tend to get chip raders that read all chips.


Reminds me of a story I heard within the past year...


A family gets a puppy from the pound, has the chip implanted (it was voluntary back then). The puppy runs off in fear the 4th of July fireworks going off at the time. Animal shelter gets the dog, scans for a chip, gets no results. Puppy gets adopted out. So... 6 years later, the dogs runs away from 4th of July fireworks, gets scanned at the pound, this time they find the original chip and returns the dog to the orginal owners. Go figure.


In other words, if one person doesn't detect the chip, it may be worth having someone else check it.

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The picture with the coin is a little scary, but he looks so lovable and trusting in all the others. Dogs are amazing.


Good luck with trying to find his owners. Hopefully they are actively seeking him out. I was thinking with his limp I wonder how far he traveled. Perhaps contacting shelters outside your area or maybe the helpful :unsure: girl at your local shelter will contact other shelters for you.

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Amazing what a little love can do. The first pics compared to the last shows a completely different dog. Sirus is all smiles now and looks much happier. It's going to be tough to let him go.


I was in your situation back in November. We found a lost dog with no collar while out caching as well. The pup followed us all the way back to the car and as we loaded up he just layed down behind the car and wouldn't budge. We gave him some water and food. He looked a little malnurhised but wasn't in any serious condidtion. Given that we were close to a subdivision I assured my woman that the dog would find his way home. Her eyes swelled up and said "You're just going to have to leave me here cause I'm not leaving this dog..." So she sat in the back of the SUV in between my dog Breeze and this lost pup. They were playing a little too rough and Breeze with a dominant disposition was feeling some infringment. I called the local SPCA and got their address. It took the whole 30 minute trip to convince my woman that we were not keeping this dog. Two cats and a dog is too much hair for me to contend with. Although I may sound a little mean, I would probably cry like a little baby if I ever lost Breeze. We adopted her back in early November and that dog has my heart completely. Just look at my profile.


Anyways, It was very kind of you to rescue Sirus. Should be more people in this world with as much compassion.


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Looks like a great dog!

I am an animal control officer in Eastern IA. I love hearing happy ending stories! Unfortunatly there are to many that dont have a happy ending.

As far as micrcochips go, they are the best thing since sliced bread. Find out if your vet or local shelter has an AVID chip reader, The AVID unit will read all major brands of chips, then its just a matter of a call to an 800 number.

Our shelter implants AVID chips on all of our adoptions.

We have had calls about chips from as far away as Oklahoma. If the person fals to register the chip in their own name the database reverts to the original chip buyer,shelter, vet ect.

One of the best chip stories we have had is on a dog we picked up stray that was found with a chip, when we called the person who the chip was registered to we found that the dog was stolen from him 3 years earlier! He came to the shelter with a copy of his police report from the theft,some other stuff also. We reunited them and well, Happily ever after!

Good for you giving Sirrus the love and attention he needs! My Corgi "Dex" says Hi! and give him a good bellyrub for me!

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Great story! Kudos! People can take care of themselves. Domestic animals not so much.


Reminds me of the time a cople of years ago when the GF and I were driving up the local 2 lane scenic route here in lower NY (rt 22). I see the guy in the suv in the opposite lane coming to a stop where there is no reason too. I couldn't see past the guy in front of me but I slow as I am used to deer in this area. The guy in front of me drives on and I see a med sized pug in the road in front of the oncoming traffic which is stopped. My GF immediately goes "Oh my god, that dog's gonna get hit." I was already stopped so I jump out figuring I'll shoo him off the road. As I go over (slowly) the dog sees me and starts waggin his tail and comes runnin over. In the meantime, all the traffic behind me is honking since there is really nothing in front of my jeep but I'm blocking the road. (screw them, I was thinking about the animal and didn't pull off the road). I reach down to take the dog by the collar but he gives me this look so I end up just scooping him up and taking him over to the Jeep on the other side of the road. As I walk over some lady comes runnin out of the yard of her $2 million + house all indignant yelling "That's my dog". Boy, did I give her a piece of my mind about being a responsible pet owner! Now every time we pass that spot the GF says we should stop and see if we can find the dog to take home!

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GHH, you guys are GREAT! Just to let you know there are others out there with you, Lucky's Rest Area Cache was placed on the way home from an event over near Beaumont, where five puppies were rescued by geocachers ... three of which came back to live in Central Texas. Lucky lives in New Braunfels and two of his siblings were placed in new homes in Austin by GadgetGirl. So, I guess your next assignment is to put out a cache in Sirius' honor! :D


Looking forward to the next time we meet at an event ... Happy Trails!

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