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Am I Missing Anything?

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Hello - I'm new to geocaching - I went out for the first time today (on Christmas Eve, heh), found 2 of the 3 caches listed nearby. I found it to be enjoyable experience, but I don't want to be stuck out somewhere and find out I need something I don't have, so.. I want to ask more experienced Geocachers if I'm missing any equipment.


Here's what I have


Garmin E-Trex GPS

Factory-installed vehicle GPS navigation system

Pin-on magnetic compass

Waterproof hiking boots



Should I be set? I've noticed a lot of caches are located out in the country, not sure if I need more hiking-type gear or not. Thanks!

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everything you got sounds great. I would make sure you always have a pen, in case there isn't one in the cache to sign with. I also carry extra batteries for my gps, and don't forget your swag, if you want to trade stuff. We take a hiking stick with us when the terrain is a little steeper.

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I carry a "swag bag" which is simply a hiking fanny pack with the following items:


Silva magnetic compass


Notebook and pens, pencil.


Small Flashlight


Spare batteries


Insect repellant in the summer


Trade items and our signature item


Small First-Aid kit


Rain poncho


Leather work gloves (for reaching in crevices etc. places to grab caches).




If it is longer hike I will add some nurishment etc.



I am sure there are more items others can think of as well that they carry.

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It all depends on what you're doing. If you're doing urban caches, the list Bill and Tammy posted, plus a cellphone if you like to carry one, should be enough. A bare minimum is the GPS, spare batteries, writing instrument, gloves, and a small flashlight. I'd strongly recommend a basic first-aid kit, as scrapes and bruises come with the territory. Also be sure you have I.D... cops seem to enjoy talking to geocachers from time to time.


Trail caches? I used to backpack a bit and still do a fair bit of hiking, so my list of stuff to carry is based on what I'd need if I really screwed up and got miserably lost, forcing myself to spend a night on the trail. At an absolute minimum, I'd carry all the things mentioned above, plus water, bug repellant (with DEET), a small first-aid kit, a map of the area and compass, and some way of dealing with an emergency... maybe a cellphone (if you can be reasonably assured of having coverage), or at least a whistle or mirror. It depends, again, on where you're going and the time of year. Also consider a rain poncho... they're about a buck at a surplus store, and only weigh a couple of ounces. My whole kit is less than three pounds.


Hope this helps,


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Should I be set? I've noticed a lot of caches are located out in the country, not sure if I need more hiking-type gear or not. Thanks!


If they are out in the country and require a hike, you should bring anything you would bring on a hike. That includes emergency items. Saxdiva and mr. vibes give good advice.i

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Bravo to you for having the waterproof boots; I should've added them to my Christmas list. I can't tell you how many pairs of squishy sneakers I have!


I keep a few towels in the car to keep from tracking the mud into it. (Okay, it's really to keep DH from having a cow that I tracked the mud in!)

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First Aid Kit, like they said. Also tote along some benadryl. It's the magic cure-all for whatever you encounter that you didn't know you were allergic to.


Another good thing to do whenever you're outside doing things away from home is to make sure somebody knows approximately where you're going and when you plan to return home.


Zip Lock Bags and Duct Tape and thou.


Oh yeah, and garbage bags for CITO or any of their other gazillion uses.


- T of TandS

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