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Gba Coins - The Grand Unveiling!


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My mailbox has been full lately and I'm proud to show off these two new coins for the Geocachers of the Bay Area!


These are not for sale. They were sold to locals only and will be placed/traded by them.


1) GBA Coin Club Coin

- 300 made and sold to local coin club members

- Background on the front is a circuit board

- The square in the middle is an actual silicon chip embedded on the coin and covered with epoxy






2) GBA "fault line" Coin

- Official GBA coin for all GBA members (not just coin club members)

- 1,250 made and sold locally (100 LE coins - 1 per local member who ordered)

- SF Bay Area showing fault lines

- "Earthquakes Make 'Em All 5 Stars" (in case the pic isn't clear)

- Coin is offset along the San Adreas Fault Line






Mele Kalikimaka!

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Well I have one of them coming in trade from that Hawaii-bound fella. Hope it's the first one shown (in case you're reading this M) B)

Mauison is in hawaii. B)

Yep, I'm sitting here on Maui, checking the geocoin forums of course. And AG, we have a trade set up for the Earthquake coin, but I'm sure we can set up another trade for the Chip coin. :o

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I have a few extras of each coming in and will consider trades. Please see my listing on cointracking.com, and contact me via that site, not the forums. I'm interested in collecting 'official' state or club sponsored geocoins from each of the 50 states. Those offers will get my primary attention. Be patient though, I'm not checking emails or threads steadily during the holidays.

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I'm also a proud owner of both chip and quake coins done by the GBA, looking primarily to trade for coins minted by state associations (and cool regional designs). I'll be setting up a want/have list after the big day tomorrow and answering email for trades after our distribution on the 28th.

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Here's a list of what I'm looking for, email me for trades I'll do my best to respond to all emails.


I'll have both GBA coins in hand by Friday. For those of you that I set up trades with a while ago they'll be mailed by Jan 3rd. Thanks!


I also have a few spare workerofwood geocoins as well and I still have VIGPS, Pirates of HP and the new CCGC coins as well.




Kentucky 2003 + 2004

GD Mystery coin(round)

Alabama 2004

moun10bike V1


Team Fisur

Indy Diver

Johnnie Lacy

Capt. Prozac

GeoLuau II



Texas 2003

Traveling Viking

Trez Pirates Treasure

USA 2003 + 2004




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I know this isn't the trading post, but if I don't jump on board it may be to late. I to would like to add this coin to my collection. I am ISO one of each coins, please follow the link in my signature line to view my traders.

email sent


thats funny bullit we are looking for almost the same as you :P.

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