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Gps Gift Giving Season 2005


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So are you Getting a GPS, or Giving a GPS this christmas 2005 season, or just buying one for yourself ??


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In my case, I bought the Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS for somebody, and Garmin TOPO for myself, to go with my City Select Vers. 7 already installed. - <$199 @ REI store>-

- As far as the ForeRunner GPS is concerned, the person does not know about it, but is an avid Runner big time, and did a couple marathons in the past(Detroit area).


OTHER(non GPS): Im giving a HP all-in-one printer, and a Cuisinart coffee maker.

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You bet! I'm buying myself a Garmin Map 60CX for Christmas, although it may be a belated gift! I guess I have to wait till they are formally announced...darn. Already got permission from my wife, hehehe. Looks like Christmas in Feb! I did order myself the Garmin GA25MCX antenna, and bought a friend a Trimble Pocket Antenna Cap. You should see my Santa wish list though!


Hey, Merry Christmas to All!

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I am giving my wife a 60C for Christmas. I am hoping that she will be excited about Geocaching...she has never mentioned it, but she does enjoy hiking.


Felt real fortunate to get the $249 price at Amazon. The current price is $329.


Happy Holidays to all on this forum....This site has made my research for this purchase so easy.

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