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Ftf Certificates


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I was thinking about making a nice laminated FTF certificate to place in my cache for the first cacher to keep. Has anyone of you done this before?

I am thinking of inputs, how it should look like. If would be cool if it had some ornaments and looked like some official document, like a diploma or a savings bond or something....

It would be nice if you could be rewarded for being the first and keep a memory at home, possibly frame it and put in on your wall :lol: .

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Unless you have the reputation for 5-star rated caches, I just don't see the appeal of an FTF certificate.

I printed up 20 5-star terrain cards to place in one of my caches. They were all gone within a couple of weeks (I expected them to last a year!). I had to go restock today. they are very popular. Almost everyone mentions that they got one in their log.


You can see one here with a coin:





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I put a little certificate that I made up myself that proclaims them as the First to Find and has the cache name on it. Kinda silly I know, but I think that most of the stuff you find in caches are not that memorable and I feel that the cerificate at least gives them something they can keep to remind them of the first to find

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I'm starting to use Wal-Mart smiley shopping cards with $5 on them. I know it's kinda crude, but I write the cache name and "First finder's prize" on them. It is a real reward and can be kept for souvenir, too. I think the smiley is appropriate.


I'm a fan of first finder's prizes, though I seldom find them in my FTFs, I like to put them in my caches.

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I have not made a FIRST TO FIND certificate or similar




I have had three Geocaching Series placed over the last three years. The final cache in each series had a "Completion Prize" for those that did the entire series.


From the feedback I've received, people really like getting the Plaque or Buttons or Map for the effort they put in to visit every cache.


The other thing is that, I always list that the first 25 Finders of the Final Cache in the series will get a prize... so people know what to expect. I however NEVER tell anyone what the prize is, but it costs about $1-$2.


When I consider the effort that people go through to find all 7 to 10 caches in a series, and the time, the gas, everything... it's the least I can do.


We have FTF prizes around... but often it leaves some people annoyed by 'sprinters' and it makes it too competative...


For me, and others I know, we like the prize at the end, not the beginning.


The trophy is awarded at the end of the World Series, Stanley Cup, or Superbowl... not for the first point scored.


:D The Blue Quasar


edit - adding "Besides, this way everyone gets to share in the feeling of accomplishment. We cache to share the experience, not out perform each other... that's what the Profile Page is for :bad:"

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I use blank certificates//diplomas (like this) that you can buy at office supply stores. You can also purchase these certificates in a packet that includes gold seals or buy the seals separately (like this). I buy blank, flat gold seals, with "starburst" edging, and use a custom embosser (like this) after I attach it to the certificate. The embosser is circular and fits the blank gold seals perfectly. When I attach the seal I use the seal to also affix a piece of red satin ribbon, folded, with the ends either "fishtailed" or pointed. With a Vivaldi or blackletter style font it looks very nice. The lettering can be done inside a wordprocessor, but since I have CorelDraw that's what I use to get lettering on a curve.


Below is a photo of my "Ambassdor to Kinomem: The Six Thrones" cache (my first ammo can) under construction. It has half of the FTF certificate showing.


FTF certificates are important if your cache uses/requires a FTF confirmation code. The "Media Play" gift card is covering the FTF code for this TerraCache :lol: and I include some kind of gift card in the protector that holds the certificate. With Media Play out of business, I'll have to switch to Sonic Drive In cards. :o



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